Wacky wrestling dream I just woke up from

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Wacky wrestling dream I just woke up from

Post by NWK2000 » Sep 9th, '18, 04:05

So, as the title implies, I just woke up from one of the craziest dream of my life, it involved wrestling so it goes here.

-Got tickets to Wrestlemania 35 which for some reason was in Texas. Invite my parents and brother along, despite the fact that none of them would like wrestling.
-Cut to us in Texas, and for some reason I get a job as a prison guard while I’m there to supplement my income. I show up four hours late to my first shift (this becomes Important later)
-Cut to us at the arena, which turns out is in some dude’s barn before like 30 people
- Two of the other people there are Jay and Silent Bob from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back . They’re next to us. We end up conversing most of the rest of the evening.
- The barn is connected to a fully furnished kitchen. My mom and I are grabbing something to eat when the lights go off, and the *GONG* hits. The lights come back on, and the spooky lighting heralding the Undertaker is there, but what’s teleported into the room is a recycling bin, like one of those cart ones you see for sensitive documents that has to be taken to a special company for shredding, and a letter for me.
-I open the letter. It’s a letter accepting my resignation from being a Texas state prison guard that I have to sign and then recycle . For some reason, only that will bring the Undertaker here.
-For some reason, the other people sitting at the arena figure this out and are begging me to do it.
-My mom, being the careful woman she is, wants me to review the particulars of the resignation before I sign. People are now booing.
-I just sign because what the hell I’m going back to my old job in Missouri after this right?
-Sign, put it bin.
- Lights go out again, *GONG* hits again, mom and I go back to seats
-The druid chanting starts outside the barn for some reason, like they’re circling the barn but can’t find the door. This goes on for five minutes.
-The lights go back to normal, and Shawn Micheals’ theme hits, complete with pyro.
-The lights go back out a third time, a third *GONG* hits. This time the lights come back up, except this time everyone except my family and I are gone, and the idle pop rock you hear when you walk into a movie is playing.
-My dad grabs a pair of sunglasses from the seat in front of him and puts them on, wondering if it’s like a 4D experience and we’re not seeing wrestling because we’re not wearing glasses. I nod in agreement, because why not at this point.

-Jay and Silent Bob amble back into the barn to tell us that they, along with the other patrons were teleported outside, and it was probably a sign we should all go home.

*end dream*

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Re: Wacky wrestling dream I just woke up from

Post by Bob-O » Sep 9th, '18, 07:55

Being a dream, I know you didn't actually read Wrestlemania on the tickets, you just understood them to be Wrestlemania tickets. It sounds eerily like an indy show, you may have been duped into WRASTLEmania tickets, featuring Sean Mitchell vs The Uddertaker both of whom no-showed, subjecting the card to change to "let's get a fan to quit their job in front of everyone".

This is absolutely the kind of event where you meet Jay and Silent Bob. Had you dreamt a little harder you probably could have met "Texas Wrestling Legend" Manny Fernandez. Provided he showed up.

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Re: Wacky wrestling dream I just woke up from

Post by Big Red Machine » Sep 9th, '18, 08:42

I think I still have you beat, simply because of the theoretical fear that mine will actually turn out to be true:

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