BRM Books the Asuka's First Six Months on Raw (and also the rest of the division)

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BRM Books the Asuka's First Six Months on Raw (and also the rest of the division)

Post by Big Red Machine » Sep 25th, '17, 20:30

For TLC we build up Sasha as our challenger to the Raw Women's Title, though she loses to Alexa cleanly on the PPV. Meanwhile, everyone else on the roster wants to be the first person to beat Asuka, so we wind with Asuka’s first match being a big multi-woman match which she wins.
The next night on Raw, Asuka will come out and say that she deserves a title shot on account of having never lost the NXT Women’s Title. All of the women will object to this, finding her arrogant, and Alexa obviously doesn’t want Asuka getting a title shot, either, so Angle books a battle royale for everyone but Sasha (who is out this week with a worked injury) and Alexa, who is on commentary. In this match, ALL of the other women will gang up on Asuka, but she outmaneuvers and defeats all of them, with Alexa becoming progressively more scared on commentary. Because she just pretty much beat the entire division by herself, Angle will award Asuka the title shot at Survivor Series. We will spend the remaining weeks with Alexa as a chickensh*t heel who tries to attack Asuka from behind but always has her plans foiled (kind of like what they did with the Asuka vs. Emma & Dana feud in NXT). At the PPV, Asuka will handily defeat Alexa to win the title.
Also at Survivor Series will be an interpromotional Ten-Woman Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match in which the survivors will then face off in a #1 contendership match later that week on whichever brand wins. Sasha will be shockingly eliminated first, early on with a roll-up, but Raw will still pull out the victory with Emma and Bayley as the survivors and Bayley herself recording three pinfalls, including the one to clinch. This will be the first win Bayley has had since getting pinned by Alexa at No Mercy.
The next night on Raw, Alexa will be very angry that she has lost the title and rant about how she has her rematch clause so she should be the #1 contender but Kurt tells her that her rematch clause only guarantees her a title shot, not that she has to be the first one to get one. Alexa is unhappy with this so she tries to ruin Emma and Bayley’s #1 contendership match during a ref bump, and while she succeeds in knocking out Bayley out with a pair of brass knuckles, she misses when she tries to take Emma out and instead gets taken out herself. Emma then gets the pin on the KOed Bayley to become the #1 contender at the December PPV. This will reignite the feud between Alexa and Bayley, which results in a match being booked for the PPV where if Bayley beats Alexa she will be added to the match where Alexa gets her title shot, which will come on the first Raw of 2018. Meanwhile, Sasha Banks will continue her bad luck from Survivor Series and go on a losing streak.
At the December PPV Asuka will defeat Emma while Alexa cheats to beat Bayley. We build up to Asuka vs. Alexa with Alexa using her brass knuckles to knock Asuka out a few times. Meanwhile, we are also building Nia Jax up like a monster again. When the title match finally comes around, Asuka manages to avoid Alexa’s attempts to hit her with the brass knuckles and makes Alexa tap. Nia then comes out and destroys Asuka leading to a match at the Royal Rumble.
At the Royal Rumble Asuka will overcome Nia’s size advantage to retain the title. There will also be a Fatal 4-Way match between Bayley, Sasha, Alexa, and Mickie James (maybe we have some sort of match where Sasha is about to break her losing streak and beat Alexa but Bayley runs in to attack Alexa and screws it up, after which Alexa tries to recruit Mickie but Mickie tells her to f*ck off, leading to a match between them where we would get a similar finish to bring them all into a feud against each other). In this match Mickie would pin Sasha, but first Bayley will get a visual pinfall on Alexa, the first time she has gotten anything even resembling a win on Alexa since their feud reignited.
At the February PPV Asuka would successfully defend against Mickie, Sasha would beat Nia, and Bayley finally get her big win to blow off her feud with Alexa in a hardcore match to bring things full circle (in order to make room for three women’s matches on this card we’ll book the uppercard men in an Elimination Chamber match to determine the #1 contender at WrestleMania if Brock is still champ, or just for the title if he isn’t).
Our build to the March PPV revolves around Bayley looking to redeem herself after her terrible year of being a loser and win the title so she can head into WrestleMania as champion just like she did last year and finally put this terrible year behind her. Meanwhile, we’ll also be building Sasha up, as she, too, is looking to finally earn her way back into the title picture, which she will have the chance to do in a #1 contendership match against Mickie, with the tease being that if they both win we’ll finally get the long-awaited Sasha vs. Bayley title match when both women’s redemption stories intersect at WrestleMania… but that’s only if they can each get past their very tough opponent. Sasha beats Mickie, but Bayley loses to Asuka, setting up what is by far the biggest match the Raw Women’s Division has for your title match at WrestleMania: the first-ever meeting of Sasha Banks and Asuka.

(And I’d definitely put Asuka over, because although she has run through almost the entire division by now, you can use the Superstar Shakeup, to bring over a new opponent or two [i.e. Becky and Nattie], plus you should have Paige back by then as well to freshen things up.)
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