NWK Books the Raw after Wrestlemania 32 and beyond

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NWK Books the Raw after Wrestlemania 32 and beyond

Post by NWK2000 » Apr 12th, '16, 21:54

Wrestlemania 32 changes

The New Day vs. League of Nations Match is changed to an eight man tag per the orders of Shane McMahon (who's been given the power to rebook one match sans his own) on the preshow, featuring the New Day teaming with Shawn Micheals against The League of Nations, with Mick Foley and Steve Austin as special guests enforcers. The finish comes when Mick and Steve cut off a interference by Barrett with a Mandible Claw and Stunner. This allows Micheals to Super Kick Sheamus into The New Day's double team finisher for the finish.
-Jericho vs Styles goes to a double count out after putting on a match which is sold by the commentary team as a real show stealer

-Swap the Wyatt Family out for The Social Outcasts in The Rock/Cena segment, and put The Wyatts in the Battle Royal, filling out the fourth vacant spot with a lower profile NXT heel maybe one of the Vaudevillains as I (spoilers) won't be bringing them up so soon.
-Baron Corbin wins the Andre Battle Royal last eliminating Bray after eliminating the other two Wyatt Family Members. Bray looks impressed afterwords.

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