Your 2016 Pro Wrestling Wishlist

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Your 2016 Pro Wrestling Wishlist

Post by cero2k » Jan 5th, '16, 10:22

You Know the drill. Keep it at most 10

1. Pentagon Jr to capture the main title in either LU or AAA.
2. Cesaro leaves WWE for Japan/ROH
3. Impact ends 2016 better than they ended 2015. ✔, arguably
4. Bryan Danielson to either leave WWE or return to the ring.
5. For an Undertaker shoot interview/Podcast
6. Bray Wyatt World Title run
7. Briscoes iWGP Tag Team Title run
8. CM Punk is the new leader of the Bullet Club
9. For Disney to buy WWE and/or WWE goes bankrupt
(one can wish, and I actually believe the first could really hurt the wrestling business)
10. Go back to a PWG Show :(

note to self: you were really sour in this time of your life

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Re: Your 2016 Pro Wrestling Wishlist

Post by Big Red Machine » Jan 5th, '16, 10:31

1. Bryan Danielson returns to the ring. I don't care where. Even TNA if that's what it takes. - NO! NO! NO!
2. Cesaro gets a real push for real this time- YES! YES! YES!
3. TNA to either start succeeding or just die already so that the Bobby Roodes and Bobby Lashleys and American Wolves of the world can start working for ROH.- NO! NO! NO!
4. ROH to show some booking improvement- NO! NO! NO!
5. Makabe to come to the US!- NO! NO! NO!
7. WWE to actually use Sasha Banks to her potential- YES! YES! YES!
8. WWE to actually use Kevin Owens to his potential- YES! YES! YES!
9. Sami Zayn on the main roster (and being used to his potential)- NO! NO! NO!
10. Lucha Underground to be just as awesome in season 2 as it was in season 1- NO! NO! NO!

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