BRM's thoughts on the 1/21/2011 Smackdown

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BRM's thoughts on the 1/21/2011 Smackdown

Post by Big Red Machine » Jan 22nd, '11, 13:52

1. There is a sign near the front row with the Corre guy's heads on it and it calls them "Dum-Dum." Well, the Dumb-Dumb who made the sign SPELLED THE WORD "DUMB" WRONG!

2. Wow... why couldn't Zeke talk before? He is pretty good on the mic

3. Heath Slater sounds like the stereotypical slow kid from any TV show.

4. Teddy Long "I am the Gernreal Manager, and I am in charge. Now, if the four of you are going to start playing outside the rules, we've got a problem. And what that means is... YOU'VE got a problem."- Teddy, could you come over here for a moment? I have somethign to show you. THere once was a man named Bret Hart. Bret was the GM of Raw. Would you like to see what happened to him when he pissed Nexus off?

5. Random Christopher Columbus reference from Teddy Long.

6. Del Rio's appearance in the opening segment was pretty pointless.

7. Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth- 5.5/10.

8. Teddy Long has suffered head trauma and is being taken to the hospital.

9. Good backstage segment with Corre and Vickie and Dolph

10. Beth Phoenix vs. Layla (w/Michelle McCool)- Good extended squash.

11. Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes- 6.25/10. Another boring win for Super Rey

12. Props to Girsham for asking Miz and Riley what the hell they are doing on SD. They have done so much random cross-brand stupidity in the past month that it is pissing me off.

13. Amateur Wrestling Challenge: Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston- DUD! These rules are moronic. Every time that Swagger releases a hold, Kofi gets a point? That's BS! This segment as a whole was dumb.
The more he does this sort of "amateur" thing, the more I think that Swagger is a crappy version of Tim Donst.

14. Trent Barretta vs. Drew McIntyre- GREAT SEGMENT. I was expecting McIntyre to offer a handshake... but i wasn't expecting Barretta to hit him in the face afterwards. Next week, of course, we nned to have McIntyre showing Kelly the tape.

15. The Miz-Edge segment was a waste of time (just like the entirety of Miz's apearance tonight).

16. Edge vs. Justin Gabriel (w/The Corre)- 6.5./10. I don't like that Edge got pinned after a clothesline. Yes, it is a clothesline from Jackson, but it is still just a clothesline.

17. After the match, we get more Nexus... sorry, "Corre" beatodwn. SNORE!

Overall, this was a crappy show. The best part of it by far was the McIntyre-Barretta-Kelly segment/match.

Stupid Announcer Quotes:
1. Striker- "I officially have a crush on Bethlehem Phoenix"- Matt, a good way to get a girl to start to like you is to KNOW HER NAME (yeah, I know her real name isn't Behtm but I assume that we are intended to think that Beth is either her entire first name, or short for Bethany, not short for "Bethlehem!"

2. Striker- "40 superstars? The odds are thrown out completely! Everyone has a chance!"- and normally everyone kayfabe doesn't?

3. Striker- "They are going crazy at Winchester High School in Massachusetts, home of the mighty Sachems. Kofi Kingston..."
I think Cole said it best: "WHy are they going crazy? HE LOST!"

Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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Re: BRM's thoughts on the 1/21/2011 Smackdown

Post by badnewzxl » Jan 22nd, '11, 14:05

I must agree. I thought they were gonna do something cool with Cody, but they had him just lose to Rey in the most unspectacular way. They should have had to "call the match" after Rey did that 619 (I was wondering why he was wearing the brace on the OUTSIDE of those baggy pants)

The McIntyre/Kelly/Barretta segment WAS the best of the night and that was a major surprise....

BTW: =)) =)) =)) @ what you said about Heath Slater. Maybe after the Corre is done, they could team him up with Ryder....

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