BRM Gives Up on the 6/25/2021 Smackdown

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BRM Gives Up on the 6/25/2021 Smackdown

Post by Big Red Machine » Jun 28th, '21, 21:19

Jimmy reports that Jey has said he isn’t coming back. Jimmy insists that he isn’t “anyone’s bitch,” but offers to take Jey’s place for whatever Roman needs tonight, for the good of the family. Roman tells him to “prove it.”

1. Taking about how you are polishing your title non-stop and looking at your reflection in it is never not a heel thing.
2. WWE has pushed the bullying thing so hard over the past decade that any time anyone compares their opponent to a bully, it comes off as fake. This case was especially egregious, as nothing Bayley did came off as “bullying” to me as much as just regular heel behavior. This wasn’t Piggie James here, or pushing a much smaller person around.

Seth came out and interrupted her. He was loud and annoying. Bayley also came out and cut a promo on Bianca. Bianca got annoyed and punched her in the face because Bayley called her a loser. Seth tried to break it up. Bayley got the advantage. Cesaro came out and to attack Seth, and the babyfaces won as we went to a commercial.

MIXED TAG TEAM MATCH: Seth Rollins & Bayley vs. Bianca Belair & Cesaro- 6.75/10
The match was fine until the finish, which saw Bayley pin Bianca Belair… so even though these two just had a Hell in a Cell match and Bianca has beaten Bayley clean TWO STRAIGHT MONTHS… we’re going right back to this.
No. Sorry. If you’re going to waste my time like you are showing me you did on Sunday, I’m just not going to watch the show. I’ve got wXw to catch up on, early EVOLVE to watch, and a random ROH show from early 2009 that I’ve been meaning to watch. I don’t need to waste my time on this. Bye.
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