BRM Reviews the 12/6/2016 Smackdown

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BRM Reviews the 12/6/2016 Smackdown

Post by Big Red Machine » Dec 7th, '16, 06:38

OPENING SEGMENT- really, Dean? Just one DDT for the guy who betrayed you and screwed you out of the word title? If AJ can’t wrestle tonight then there is no reason Ellsworth should have been utterly destroyed and then stretchered off.

WWE SMACKDOWN TAG TAM TITLE MATCH: The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton)(c) (w/Luke Harper) vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno- 4.25/10
Anyone else find all of these screen effects they do for the Wyatts even more annoying that they’ve added an extra one for Randy?


Total Divas has been nominated for something called the “Women’s Image Awards.” I’ve never heard of these awards before, but I can definitely tell you that the act of even nominating Total Divas for any type of award means that they should be disregarded.

CARMELLA PROMO- good, in that you can totally read it as Carmella projecting onto Nattie if you want to, which makes Carmella sound like she’s full of sh*t, which is what we want her to sound like here.

NATALYA vs. CARMELLA- no rating.
We got one of those stupid situations where they’re fighting in the ring and the ref goes on a power trip and doesn’t ring the bell because he didn’t tell the wrestlers they could start yet. What winds up happening is that Carmella runs away backstage. Nattie chases her but bumps into Nikki backstage. She pleads her case but Nikki ignores her.


ASCENSION INSET PROMO- terrible. It’s another Bray Wyatt promo where they say words that mean nothing.

HYPE BROS. PROMO- fine (although whatever this “choo choo playboy” line of Mojo’s means, it needs to stop immediately).


Miz calls Dean out on what both JBL and I have been saying all night… and what I have been saying since day two about the way Ambrose has treated Ellsworth. I laughed my ass off at Miz giving Dean the “participation award,” complete with “you tried” on it. Then the fans chanted “YOU DESERVE IT!” at Dean, totally burying him.
For some reason getting this award got Dean more pissed than getting screwed out of the WWE World Heavyweight Title by Dean Ambrose. Daniel Bryan comes out to prevent a fight now by booking Miz to defend the IC Title against Ambrose in our main event, presumably so that we can stall for a week by having Ellsworth screw Dean out of another title.

Kalisto loses clean. Well… that made Kalisto look like sh*t. They just had their big gimmick match. The feud should have been over. Why beat Kalisto again if you don’t need to.

NIKKI BELLA TALKS TO SOME SORT OF… BRITISH LITTLE PERSON WITH BAD TEETH- (and that’s not a British People have bad teeth joke. The first thing I noticed about her was her terrible teeth). I have no idea who this person was or what this was about.

FA-BREEZE TRY TO GIVE AMERICAN ALPHA A TICKET FROM THE FASHION POLICE- I laughed my ass off at Gable and Jordan mocking them by playing along in the beginning, simply because they know that they can destroy these two putzes at any time if they wanted to.

CHAD GABLE (w/Jason Jordan) vs. TYLER BREEZE (w/Fandango)- 3/10

ALEXA BLISS!’S CHAMPIONSHIP CELEBRATION- You had better not ruin this, Becky Lynch!
Big pop for Alexa by all of these bandwagon jumpers in the crowd. Alexa starts to cut a promo and…
G-D DAMMIT BECKY! I told you not to interrupt this! She says that she “can’t stand the fact that some selfish, petulant, whiny little girl is now the leader of Smackdown.” Well then I guess you should have tried harder to win your match, shouldn’t you? But you didn’t win, so shut up and go to the back where you belong so that Alexa can finish her celebration!
Becky wants her rematch right now but Alexa says no. JBL is 100% right (never a good sign for your booking) that Becky came off like a sore loser here. If Alexa had cheated that would be one thing, but she didn’t. She won clean. Becky has absolutely no reason to be so pissed. In fact, Becky is more pissed off tonight than Ambrose! That’s so wrong on both fronts.

WWE INTERCONTINENTAL MATCH: The Miz(c) (w/Maryse) vs. Dean Ambrose- 6.75/10
Ellsworth inadvertently costs Dean the title. The match was good, but I think it would have been better to have neither of these guys wrestle tonight due to the grueling, dangerous PPV matches they had a mere two days ago. Also, while I’m on the subject, some follow-up on Ziggler losing would have been nice.

A bad episode of Smackdown. It was either short matches or guys and gals (well… mostly Dean and Becky) not showing the proper emotion. Miz was great, though.

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