BRM's thoughts on the 12/21 Smackdown

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BRM's thoughts on the 12/21 Smackdown

Post by Big Red Machine » Dec 23rd, '10, 19:22

1. Miz vs. Orton- 6.25/10. They seem to be painting Miz as a weak champion. Someone who we KNOW shouldn't be champion, but he still manages to always retain the belt through various nefarious means, which pisses us off even more than usual because we KNOW that he doesn't deserve to be champion (unlike someone like Austin Aries or Triple H, or Jeff Jarrett, who have a shot at defending the belt cleanly, but they are just taking shortcuts).

2. The Santa segment was dumb (especially since we just had one at the PPV two days ago), but seeing COdy Rhodes cream Hornswoggle made it worth it.

3. The sound effects during the Cena-VIckie video package made it IMPOSSIBLE to take it seriously.

4. Even more stupid humor with Santio, Kozlov, & Beth.

5. Santino (w/Kozlov) vs. Chavo- 3.5/10. Dull.

6. What the hell?! Kane should be assaulting Edge! Edge just tricked Kane into KILLING HIS OWN FATHER! That's not something that you can just walk off!

7. Drew McIntyre vs. Kaval- Squash. BOOOOOO!

8. Alberto Del Rio & Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston & Rey Mysterio- 6.75/10.

9. Cena vs. Ziggler & Vickie- 7/10 (but just barely). The story worked, and I think it will lead to the end of Dolph-Vickie

10. After the match, Punk jumps Cena with a chair (also saving Vickie, but he doesn't care about that). I really want to see where this is going.

Stupid announcer quotes:
1. Striker- "the Three Amigos designed to disorient his opponent"- No. I'm pretty sure it's meant to HURT the other guy by droppin him on his back three times!

2. Striker (as Rey and Kofi prepare to dive)- "THIS IS WHAT LIVE TELEVISION IS ALL ABOUT!"- How does that even begin to make sense?

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Re: BRM's thoughts on the 12/21 Smackdown

Post by KILLdozer » Sep 1st, '18, 11:30

This obviously isn't even the same person.
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