BRM's thoughts on the 4/4/2011 Raw

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BRM's thoughts on the 4/4/2011 Raw

Post by Big Red Machine » Apr 6th, '11, 22:46

TRIPLE H PROMO- Pretty good stuff.

COLE-LAWLER SEGMENT, & LAWLER vs. SWAGGER- to me, having Cole come out and claim to be Mr. Wrestlemania because he won one match took it past the point of realism. Michael Cole has not been shown to be that egotistical. His whole thing was that announcers, himself included “aren’t supposed to be the story”… this flies in the face of that. You can’t always go and make the heel a hypocrite.

This whole segment was bad. This feud didn’t need to continue. They should have just given Lawler the victory at Mania, and it would have been great.

CM PUNK & CODY RHODES vs. RANDY ORTON & REY MYSTERIO- 7/10. Good stuff, and Booker T managed to cover up Randy forgetting to sell his leg well.
Why are the SD guys on Raw?

TOUGH ENOUGH STUFF- I didn’t enjoy it, but I can’t fault them for doing it.
Also, I wonder what M-Dogg did with his beer? This would have been a cool way to make him stand out (since he doesn’t need Tough Enough anyway).

EVAN BOURNE vs. ALBERTO DEL RIO (w/Ricardo Rodriguez)- 3.5/10

DOLPH ZIGGLER & VICKIE GUERRERO vs. JOHN MORRISON & TRISH STRATUS- 4.75/10. Some good comedy from Vickie. Morrison & ZIggler didn’t get enough time.

WWE UNITED STATES TITLE MATCH: Sheamus(c) vs. Daniel Bryan- 4.75/10. WAY too short. This is a US TITLE MATCH between two big up-and-comers! GIVE THEM SOME TIME!

SIN CARA DEBUT- not going to lie… I didn’t even pop for this. This was a terrible way to debut him. If he is such a big deal, and he was here tonight… WHY ISN’T HE WRESTLING? Also, Sheamus should not be fed to him. That is a job for a jobber to the stars, not an up-and-comer like Sheamus!

ROCK-CENA SEGMENT-I don’t know if I can wait that long, but this segment was AMAZING!... until…
THE CORRE? REALLY? Attention WWE “Creative”… GET SOME NEW IDEAS! I thought we were done with this sh*t! WWE just doesn’t know when to stop (and that is a blog for tomorrow)

Overall, this week’s Raw was okay.

Stupid Announcer Quotes:
1. Matthews- “a post-Wrestlemania rematch”- as opposed to what? A pre-Wrestlemania rematch? THEN IT WOUOLDN’T BE A REMATCH!

2. First Booker was complaining that Sheamus shouldn’t have been beating down Dragon, then, when Sin Cara comes out and makes the save, he can’t figure out why Sin Cara might be coming after Sheamus. MORON!
I take back everything I have said about Booker T. That first week was clearly beginner’s luck. He sucks as an announcer.

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