BRM Reviews the 3/28/2011 Raw

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BRM Reviews the 3/28/2011 Raw

Post by Big Red Machine » Mar 29th, '11, 07:43

CM PUNK PROMO- GREAT stuff!... then Orton came out and it got dumb. Randy beats Punk up. Okay, if I just saw Randy beat Punk up now, why the hell should I order Wrestlemania?

Then he goes for the punt to the head, but can’t run across the ring because of his injury? He is wearing kneepads, which means he is expecting to wrestle… If he can’t even run across the ring, why is he allowed to wrestle? Furthermore, if Randy expected to have a match, you would think he would have done some training for it, and it is extremely likely that at some point during this training, he would have discovered that he can’t run across the ring without hurting his leg!

This was just SOOO DUMB! If they wanted to do something with the injury… JUST HAVE PUNK WORK IT OVER MORE FROM THE BEGINNING! This makes Orton look brave, rather than stupid, makes Punk look strong, rather than weak (for getting is but handed to him by a guy who can’t even run across the ring), and GETS HEAT rather than loses it! Also, you don’t waste time on the terrible punt tease, so you can give that time to matches that need it!

EGDE & CHRISTIAN vs. ALBERTO DEL RIO & BRODUS CLAY- 5.25/10- would have been a lot better if it was a few minutes longer, and those minutes were spent, in the beginning, with Clay beating up on Edge before Christian came in and they took him down with double teams. It is just better psychology. You need two guys to take him down because one is not enough!
And the Edge & Del Rio can’t touch each other thing applies on SD? That’s stupid. Why wouldn’t get Rio hire a bunch of thugs and just jump Edge in the parking lot after the show?

JUSTIN GABRIEL (w/CORRE) vs. SANTINO MARELLA (w/Kozlov, Tamina, Kane, & Big Show)- 3/10. Dull, and I didn’t like the babyfaces cheating. This should have ended in a schmoz. Kane doing Santino’s taunt (that thing where he is either blowing an imaginary trumpet or giving a blowjob to an imaginary giant) just killed this for me. He was looking menacing a few seconds ago… was he just trying to swerve everyone? WHY? And this is the guy who feuded with Taker and was them made to ACCIDENTALLY MURDER HIS OWN FATHER a few months ago! WTF?!

Didn’t we already get some Taker vs. Triple H hype ton-WHOA! HBK! This segment was very good. Taker blocking the Sweet Chin Music was genius, because it SHOWS us that Taker CAN go at the level he says he can.


DANIEL BRYAN & JOHN MORRISON vs. SHEAMUS & DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Vickie Guerrero)- 4.75.10. Just too damn short. And to think I was excited for this match. I should have known better. These four guys got five minutes… and six months ago, WWE was giving Dragon and Ziggler almost 15 minutes on Raw for no other reason than they had put on a great match on PPV the night before!


TRISH & SNOOKI & LAY-COOL BS- Snooki- “Trish Stratus; she trains me so good. I am ready to go to Wrestlemania”- not with grammar like that, you’re not. Anyway, this was an atrocious waste of time. This is the time that would have made Dragon & JoMo vs. Sheamus and Ziggler awesome.

I didn’t like that part where they showed The Rock backstage right before his entrance. It was a waste of time.

ROCK-CENA-MIZ SEGMENT- PERFECT until the end. Miz shouldn’t have taken a finisher from The Rock, and Cena jumping The Rock like that was too heelish for my tastes.

Overall, once again Raw was utter sh*t in the ring, but otherwise good. it serve as a pretty good go-home show for Wrestlemania.

Stupid Announcer Quotes:
1. Matthews- “That was an example of just how sick and twisted CM Punk can be” what? Going after an injury? Everyone does that! Why don’t you say that whenever Cena works over someone neck, then locks in the STFU?

2. Cole (about Del Rio beating up on Edge)- “It’s all about putting the champion on notice”- I’m pretty sure that Edge already knows that Del Rio is coming after his title, so it is definitely NOT about “putting the champion on notice.”

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Re: BRM Reviews the 3/28/2011 Raw

Post by Rabid619 » Mar 29th, '11, 07:52

Big Red Machine wrote:"Trish Stratus; she trains me so good. I am ready to go to Wrestlemania”- not with grammar like that, you’re not.
LMAO!!! =)) =))

As soon as heard her say that i cringed. The least WWE could do is give Snooki lessons in not sounding so stupid.

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