BRM Reviews the 2/21/2011 Raw

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BRM Reviews the 2/21/2011 Raw

Post by Big Red Machine » Mar 3rd, '11, 01:18

CENA PROMO- PERFECT! This was honestly everything we could have wanted. It was a little less PG, and it (hopefully) reminded the haters of why they used to love Cena. As for the content of the promo… 11/10! A few years ago, (back when the Heyman Hustle was still on the UKSun) Paul Heyman made the comment that for a one-night return, Rock will always be a babyface, but if he sticks around for a few months, then goes back to Hollywood, he needs to be a heel, because there will be backlash because everyone will know that he is leaving to go do something else (see: Goldberg vs. Lesnar). Anyway, what Paul E. said was basically the promo that Cena cut. That Rock should come out and say that he is here wrestling now, and he likes hanging out with The People… but Hollywood is more important, so he can’t stay long. Cena’s promo basically called The Rock out on this point. AWESOME stuff!

CM PUNK vs. JOHN MORRISON- 4.75/10. Disappointingly short.


DEL RIO-KOFI BRAWL- WHY ARE THESE GUYS ON RAW? You want to know why people think SD is a B show? Because WWE has no faith in it! They don’t think it is important enough to sell its own PPV angles!

MIZ PROMO- pretty good. Saw the Strange Bedfellows match coming a mile away.

Video game preview- was a cute plug, but then Cena came out and apparently has caught Cable’s Diseases (you know, when someone has a disproportionately muscular and thick upper body).

THE BELLA TWINS vs. EVE TORRES & GAIL KIM- 3.5/10. The Bellas have this heel stuff down.

TAKER-TRIPLE H CONFRONTATION- this was perfect… except for the LACK OF TALKING! Taker’s reaction to Triple H’s music hitting was PERFECT, Hunter’s pop was awesome. Everything was great… until they didn’t say anything. Yes. They did successfully convey all of the information that they wanted to at the moment (Triple H vs. Taker at Mania, Taker thinks Hunter is going down)… but Taker didn’t know that Hunter was going to come out… meaning that Taker obviously had something else in mind when he came out. But we never got to that. If just felt awkward

Also… TAKER IS ON THE SMACKDOWN ROSTER! NOT THE RAW ONE! Why is he allowed to be here? And if they wanted to hype this up so much… people are going to watch Raw anyway. They want to see Cena’s response to The Rock, and the fallout from Elimination Chamber. Putting this on SD would definitely get more people who otherwise wouldn’t to watch that putting it on Raw.

SHEAMUS MATCH- missed it. Apparently he lost though, because he is overreacting to something.
Also, with Sheamus accent, what I later figured out to be “what if I just ripped off your head in front of your girlfriend” first sounded like “what if I just ripped off your head and f*cked your girlfriend,” which was not something I was expecting to hear on a PG show.


WWE TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Corre (w/Jackson & Barrett) vs. John Cena & The Miz (w/Alex Riley)- 3.75/10. NO!!!!!! YOU MORONS! THIS NEVER WORKS! All it does is hurt the tag team champions! IT IS A WORLD TITLE MATCH AT WRESTLEMANIA! Having the participants be tag champs who don’t like each other DOESN’T ADD ANYTHING TO THE MATCH! And if it does, you haven’t done an acceptable job of building up the feud!
The only good part about this was Lawler putting Miz over on commentary.

You know… I didn’t think this could get any worse. I was wrong.
REMATCH- 5.75/10 (but this match never have happened!)
Having Corre wins the belts back does NOTHING! AT ALL! Corre looks weak for having lost, and then they don’t look so strong by not winning cleanly. Miz betraying Cena does NOTHING! We ALREADY KNOW THAT THEY DON’T LIKE EACH OTHER! And they couldn’t have picked a worse position to do it from, either! Miz hitting Cena with a Skull Crushing Finale while Cena had Slater up for the Attitude Adjustment made Cena give Slater THE WASTELAND! AND SLATER GOT RIGHT BACK UP FROM IT! So they managed to hurt Barrett here, too! GRRR!

This episode of Raw was atrocious in the ring. Absolutely unacceptable. The booking was also atrocious. The only thing that stops it from being unacceptably bad is Cena’s promo on The Rock.

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