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World Wrestling Revolution Roster

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Below you will find the entire roster for all WWR characters.

#Work in progress#

Name: Tony Bastion
Title: WWR Owner
DOB: 12 September 1955
Born: Stamford, Conneticut
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 220lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: 'Sad But True' - Metallica
About: Tony Bastion headed a consortium that purchased seven small wrestling organisations in the US, subsequently merging them to form WWR. Over time Bastion has bought out most of the shareholders and currently owns 87% of WWR. Bastion decided to take a more on screen role as his business partner Shane Lynas (13% shareholder) decided to go back to the ring.

Name: AJ Cross
Title: Play by play announcer
DOB: 9 August 1974
Born: London, England
Height: 5ft8in
Weight: 180lbs
Alignment: Face
About: AJ Cross is the childhood best friend of WWR Superstar and shareholder Shane Lynas, he is the play by play announcer for all WWR shows. AJ has never stepped in a ring as a wrestler but has had a lifelong passion for the wrestling business, he is also head of scouting for WWR and spends much of his spare time searching out new talent in the Indys.

Name: James 'JD' Driver
Title: Ring Announcer
DOB: 23 January 1970
Born: Chicago, Illinois
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 150lbs
Alignment: Face
About: A long time fan of pro wrestling, JD was an amateur competitor winning many state championships when he was a teen, he never made the jump to the professional ranks as he prefered to help train new talent. He still trains youngsters to this day.

Name: Xander Chapman
Title: Backstage Interviewer
DOB: 30 March 1982
Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 194lbs
Alignment: Face
About: Xander Chapman is backstage interviewer for all shows, he is somewhat new to the role after being thrown in at the deep end. He was originally part of the camera crew.

WWR Superstars

Name: Alex Bourne
DOB: 14 September 1986
Born: St Pete Beach, Florida
Height: 6’3
Weight: 291 lbs
Nicknames: “The Rage” or “The One Man Wrecking Crew”
Catchphrases: “Make way for the RAGE!” (Bourne does not say this so much himself, more the announcers.)
Style: Powerhouse, Grappler, Technical, Striker
Other character notes: Wears black trunks with “RAGE” written across the back in black but with a red outline, black MMA gloves, black knee pads and black boots. For matches, comes to the ring wearing a dark red hooded tracksuit top.
Ultra fan friendly but a complete animal in the ring!
Entrance theme: 'Sucker Train Blues' by Velvet Revolver
Current alignment: Face
Special moves: Knee strike flurry, Powerbomb down onto both knees, Catching an opponent coming off the turnbuckle and hitting a Spinebuster, Bloody Sunday DDT, Triple Double Underhook Suplex, Spinning Backfist as a counter to a clothesline or wild punch
Finisher: Cutthroat Driver (Done by Mark Briscoe), 'Ultimate Rage' (Figure Four leglock and ankle lock at the same time)
About: Alex Debuted for CWP, Central Wrestling Promotions, when he was just 21. He was an instant attraction due to his freakish strength and power. Not long after his debut Alex was already getting feelers from the IWC, International Wrestling Council, but he chose to hone his skills before making the move to the big time and travelled between the U.S, Japan and Britain before finally appearing for the IWC when he was just 23 years old. Being a genetic marvel, Bourne was quickly mixing it up with the big boys and went on to hold the IWC Heavyweight title on 2 occasions. However, just 4 days after his 25th birthday, Bourne and the rest of the IWC superstars were out of work as IWC went out of business after an investigation by the U.S Tax office found all manner of financial misdemeanours had taken place over the years.

Name: Mike 'Sassafras' Roach
DOB: October 26, 1991
Born: Memphis, Tennessee
Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 400lbs
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Theme: "Behemoth" by Eric Bible
Quotes: "All modesty aside, I'm the greatest of all time.", "All warfare is based on deception."
Ringstyle: MMA/submission wrestling/brawling
Trained By: "Nightmare" Ken Wayne
Physique Comparison: Big Van Vader
Moves: Belly-to-belly suplex, leg drop, vertical suplex, German suplex, T-bone suplex, piledriver, DDT, Asian shoulder claw, Samoan Drop, Fujiwar armbar, Anaconda Vise, Triangle Hold, Crossface, stiff elbows/knees/punches/kicks
Special Moves: The Antidote (Awesome bomb)
Finisher: The Humbler (Camel Clutch)
Accomplishments: Winner of several Japanese and southern American deathmatch tournaments. Won numerous "rookie of the year" awards following his Japanese debut at age 18.
About: Straight edge and well-versed in Krav Maga and submission grappling. Debuted at 18 and immediately made an impact in the southern United States before going to Japan and establishing himself as one of the most brutal gaijin the Land of the Rising Sun has ever seen. He is now in WWR to change the face of mainstream wrestling with his fists, feet, elbows, and knees. He treats every match like a war. His ego, charisma, and unique ring style define this young wrestler. Roach has long brown hair and a beard, and has "ROACH" tattooed on his upper left arm in old English letters. Wrestles shirtless (displaying his scars), in royal blue open-legged martial arts pants (with ストレートエッジのビヒモス down the left leg), with taped feet, kickguards, and padded kneepads/elbowpads/fingerless gloves (with large X's on the backs of the gloves, to symbolize his straight edge lifestyle).
Controlled by Sassafras

Name: Vade Kruger
DOB: 1 January 1980
Born: Warrington, England
Height: 6ft 4in
Weight: 260lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: 'Cold' - Static-X
Quotes: Believe, Dare you?
Ringstyle: Power Technician
Trained By: Bret Hart, Sting, Goldberg
Physique Comparison: Texas Tornado
Moves: Belly to belly overhead release suplex, flying shoulderblock, various Suplexes, clothesline, splash in corner, dropkick, spinning heelkick, backbreaker, legdrop, suicide dive, Moonsault
Special Moves: 'VVT' (Reverse DDT), 'Stinger' (Suplex into DDT)
Finisher: 'Krugenator' (Suplex into Stunner) 'Vadernator' (Cutter from any position) Anaconda Vice, Dragon Sleeper
Accomplishments: 2 time current WWR World Heavyweight Champion, 1 time WWR World Tag Team Champion, 1 time BCW World Champion, 3 time BCW International Champion, 3 time BCW World Tag Team Champion
About: Vade was born and raised in Warrington, England by a working class family. A wrestling fan from the age of 4, he used to practice as a kid in the back living room of his parents house, then later on the park he would wrestle other kids for sweets and other childhood treats. He is the cornerstone of WWR. In the eyes of WWR Galaxy he can do no wrong..........or can he? Cold, evil and unforgiving, Vade has shown his true colours by betraying the entire WWR Galaxy.
Controlled by VadeKruger

Name: Shane Lynas
DOB: 16 March 1975
Born: United Kingdom
Height: 6ft2
Weight: 249lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: “Dragonfly” by Shaman’s Harvest
Ringstyle: Technical Brawler
Trained By: BCW Training Academy
Physique Comparison: Edge
Moves: Gutwrench Powerbomb, Suplex, German Suplex, Belly to Back Suplex, Belly to Belly Suplex, Neckbreaker, Superkick
Special Moves: Snapping DDT (Opponent is kneeling instead of bending), Spinebuster
Finisher: Third Degree (Fireman’s Carry into Cutter)
Accomplishments: 1x WWR World Champion, 1x WWR Tag Team Champion
About: Shane Lynas began training at BCW’s academy alongside other notable WAC talent including his lifelong best friend from England, WWR’s play-by-play announcer AJ Cross and he very quickly rose through their ranks winning various accolades & championships, however, an unfortunate injury put Shane Lynas on the shelf for a considerable amount of time, Shane however, turned negative to positive & used this time to learn the business & was brought into the WWR as its inaugural President & Creative Director, Shane left this post to return to the ring for various feuds which included a World Championship reign & a short Tag Team Championship reign, but after another injury Shane Lynas was re-assigned as WWR President & Creative Director, however he does actively compete in the ring.
Controlled by Lynas

Name:NNTK(Noone Needs To Kill)
DOB:Born on a Friday,The thirteenth of the month.
Born:The Netherworld
Allignment:Super heel
Entrance Theme:"End Of Everything"By Stereomud
Trained By:Unknown,most say that NNTK's trainer allegedly died in jail.
Physique Comparison:Sheamus
Moves:Top rope Stomp to various body parts,Stomp to back of neck of downed opponent, Running Crossbody,Standing Splash,Variety of stiff lariats,Mid-Air Choke,Running Elbow,Enzugiri,Knee Drop,Running Powerbomb,Press lift gutbuster,Ankle lock,hangmans chokehold seated on turnbuckle,Dropkick to sitting opponent,sharpshooter,backbreaker into neckbreaker combination
Special Moves:Brain Chop,Low Blow Kick,Press Spinebuster,Chokebomb,Rope hung neckbreaker,Claw hold Chokeslam,Hammerlock legsweep DDT,Firemans carry brainbuster,Reverse firemans carry into full nelson facebuster
Finishers:Lifetaker Kick(Brogue Kick/Jumping big boot from ANY position),Pandemonium Driver(Double Underhook Piledriver)
Accomplishments:One time WWR World Champion,One time WWR Dynamics Champion,Formed Prophecy and BPA,two large and very successful groups.
About:Cunning,cold,and violent,NNTK always has something up his sleeve,showing no remorse and no boundaries on the path to his goal,NNTKs hit list reads like a who's who of WWR superstars,,now thats he back,only he knows his next big move.
Controlled by KILLdozer

Name:Tommy Hawk
DOB:April 15,1984
Born:Hot Springs Reservation,In Salem,Oregon
Height:6 ft 3
Weight:230 lbs
Entrance Theme:"Trail Of Tears" by AbK.
Trained By:Tatanka,Chief Jay Strongbow.
Physique Comparison:Low Ki/Senshi
Moves:Hurricanrana,Frankensteiner,Monkeyflip,Dropsault,Flying Forearm,Flying Legdrop,Running Senton,Calf Kick,Diving Splash.
Signature Moves:Shooting Star Elbow(Running) Shining Wizard,Lionsault,Rolling Thunder.
Finishers:Springboard Elbow,Scalped 'Em(Shooting Star Legdrop), Warcry(Green Mist followed by Buzzsaw Kick)
Accomplishments:One Time WWR Continental Champion(Beat Chris Everlast and Fergal Kiley in a Threeway at Heresy)
About:A Navajo warrior whose lived on the Reservation his whole life,Tommy left home three years ago when he began his goal in life:Pro Wrestling. He relied on his native instincts,following the call of the wild all over the world,squaring off in matches to hone his skills from Oregon to Japan back up to Canada,growing stronger and wiser each step of the way. Once back Stateside,He received a message from two men,who only said "Meet us and we will help finish your training,warrior. Use only your deepest Native senses to find us.." Tommy then set out through the forest for what seemed like days,searching relentlessly until he stumbled across none other than Tatanka and Chief Jay Strongbow. To Tommys astonishment,They had sent the message..His success in training had reached them and they wanted to help the next Native make it big..So for weeks and monthes they spent all day and night in the forest,helping Tommy hone his skills and senses until they were sharp as a tack.Finally,after six monthes of training,living in nature and purifying his self,Tommy debuted in WAC Wrestling to finish his goal and lifelong dream.

Name: Bobby Anderson
DOB: 24 January 1986
Born: Las Vegas, Nevada
Height: 6ft 4
Weight: 258lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: "I Get Off" by Halestorm
Ringstyle: Technical Brawler
Trained By: Shane Lynas
Physique Comparison: Robert Roode
Moves: Suplexes, Neckbreakers, Sharpshooter, Texas Clover-Leaf, Powerbomb
Special Moves: Spinebuster from turnbuckle (He set his opponent on the turnbuckle, climbs to second rope & spinebusts off of it)
Finisher: Class A Kick (Superkick)
About: Trained by Shane Lynas along with Scott Williams, was called up to WWR’s main roster when Shane Lynas re-assumed the WWR President role. His biggest match to date was a quick win over Scott Williams at Meltdown, the winner receiving Shane Lynas’s managerial services. A legitimate knockout caused Bobby Anderson to have the match won in under 2 minutes.

Name: Gutierrez Fernandez
DOB: 7-11-1984
Born: Zihuatanejo, Mexico
Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 260lbs
Alignment: Cocky Heel
Entrance Theme: Atrevete te te - Calle 13
Ringstyle: Comedy Luchador
Trained By: Fray Fernando (not really a wrestler, an actual priest)
Physique Comparison: Chavo Guerrero Sr (but not as old)
Moves: Armdrag, Jumping Armdrag, Back Drop, Suplex, Leg Sweep, huracarana, leg-scissors takedown, armbar, kneelift, eye poke, Top Rope plancha, Alabama Slam, Camel Clutch, Boston Crab, fireman carry, dropkick, standing senton.
Special Moves: Tacos and Burritos (Top Rope Huracarana), Buenos Dias (Running Clothesline to the corner)
Finisher: The Mexican Dream (Top Rope Arm Takedown to a Chicking Wing), The Mexican WMD (Tope Suicida to the outside)
Accomplishments: 13 time Zihuatanejo's Most Handsome man award winner.
About: Gutierrez Fernandez comes from the biutiful land of zihuatanejo, always a poor child, he took on the teachings of Fray Fernando, because he was soo bad at school (like I-got-dropped-as-a-baby bad), the priest started using him for entertainment in the town's parties. One day, he saw a lucha libre match in a local park in his town at one of these parties, and knew for sure he wanted to become the next Universe Ultimate Champion of the World (he doesn't know this title doesn't exist), and so he started picking up fights with random people in town in order to train. After escaping the local jail (yes, he was in jail for attacking random people) he fled to the united states of american land to fulfill his destiny as a fighter. One day he was prostituting himself dressed as a lady and WWR Owner Tony Bastion tried to pick him up, after finding the truth behind Fernandez's disguise, Tony was ashamed and decided to kill GF (as he likes to be called by facebook friends), but unfortunately for him, Fernandez had made a hidden video tape and blackmailed Bastion for a spot in the WWR roster.
Controlled by Cero2k

Name: Chris Everlast
DOB: 7 August 1988
Born: Miami, Florida
Height: 6ft1in
Weight: 226 lbs
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Theme: 'Its So Easy' - Guns N Roses
Quotes: "And I, will leave an Everlasting Impression on YOU - And the fans!" and "Did I offend you yet?"
Ringstyle: Dirty, Highflying Technician
Trained By: Guerrero family, wrestling schools in Japan
Physique Comparison: John Morrison
Moves: All kinds of Suplexes, Armtrap Neckbreaker, Thumb to the eye, flying crossbody, springboard dropkick, slap to the face of kneeling opponent, Picture Perfect Dropkick (Semi Signature), Lucha DDT, Spike DDT.
Special Moves: Steals his opponents signatures and finishers, montage of 3 suplexes in a row, High Angle Uppercut (Like Goldust), Double Footstamp onto a lying opponents chest.
Finisher: My World (Burning Hammer), Everlasting Impression (Cutter from any position), Dragontamer (Sharpshooter with a knee to the back)
Accomplishments: 1 time WWR Continental Champion, 2 time Light Heavyweight Champion in Mexican Demon Gate, 2 time Pure Champion in Japanese Death Wrestling.
About: Chris Everlast is one of the youngest, most confident, passionate wrestlers in the promotion with a drive to win by any means necessary.
Controlled by Chris Everlast

Name: Fergal Kiley
DOB: Unknown
Born: Kildare, Ireland
Height: 6ft 7in
Weight: 287lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: 'Sign Of Evil'
Ringstyle: Sheamus
Trained By: William Regal, Dave Finlay, Larry Sharpe
Physique Comparison:
Moves: Gorilla Press Slam, Multiple Powerslam variants, Hangmans Neckbreaker, Multiple Suplex variations, Full Nelson, Falling Headbutt, Cobra Clutch, Curb Stomp
Special Moves: Ura-nage Sideslam, Chokeslam (One or two handed), Enzigiuri, Heel Hook, Diving Headbutt, Tiger Driver
Finisher: 'The Stake' (Jumping Spike Piledriver), 'Four-Leaf Clover' (Elevated Cloverleaf), 'Decapaitation' (Tower Of London), 'Crucifiction' (Delayed Razors Edge from second rope), 'Eternal Damnation' (Omega Driver from top rope or ladder)
Controlled by Kirbs2002

Name: Vance Valentine
DOB: 17 November 1978
Born: Tall Acre House, Sacramento, California
Height: 6ft3in
Weight: 249lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme:
Quotes: 'Who the hell are you?'
Ringstyle: Technician
Trained By: Dean Malenko
Physique Comparison: Brutus Beefcake
Moves: German Suplex, Forearm Smash, Leg Lariot, Backbreaker, Superplex, Reverse Neckbreaker
Special Moves: DDT - (Jake Roberts style)
Finisher: 'Heartbreaker' (Splash off the top rope)
Accomplishments: Highly recognised wrestler in Japan, held many Japanese titles
About: Vance Valentine dropped out of school and lived on the streets for three years, fighting and doing stunts for money. He eventually took up wrestling and relocated to Japan. He wrestled over there for a few years, winning many titles and gaining huge notoriety in the land of the rising sun.
Controlled by VadeKruger/Lynas/Chris Everlast

Name: Jesse Phillips
DOB: 6 July 1987
Born: Rome, Georgia
Height: 6ft 1in
Weight: 227lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: 'Bad To The Bone'
Quotes: 'Darkness cant be judged by the clothes on your back but the cloud on your heart'
Ringstyle: Fast, Technical
Trained By: Jake Roberts, Shawn Michaels
Physique Comparison: Jake Roberts
Moves: Clothesline, Bodyslam, Armdrag, Suplex,
Flying Elbow, Tilt-a-whirl Slam, Dropkick, Scoop Powerslam
Special Moves: Thrust Kick, Short Arm Clothesline, Kneelift
Finisher: Jake Brake DDT, Kneelift into DDT
Accomplishments: Has won many Championships in Japan and UK
About: A lone Rocker that plays by his own rules and has a sadistic style of wrestling, doesnt care who he hurts to get what he wants.
Controlled by BOD

Name: Big Bad Booty Daddy (BBBD)
DOB: 17 October 1985
Born: Nottingham, England
Height: 6ft1in
Weight: 244lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: 'Daddy Cool' - Placebo
Ringstyle: Powerhouse
Trained By: William Regal
Physique Comparison: Scott Steiner
Moves: Various Suplexes, Clotheslines and Flying attacks. Press Slam, Spinebuster, Piledriver, Gutbuster, Backbreaker, Elbow off the top rope
Special Moves: Running Knee to the Head, Reverse Neckbreaker
Finisher: 'Tower Of London'
Accomplishments: Former 1 time BCW International Heavyweight Champion, former 2 time BCW World Tag Team Champion
About: BBBD is a former bodybuilder turned pro wrestler, his passion for the business started early when he used to watch re-runs of 'World Of Sport' with his father, one half of Awesome Booty
Controlled by VadeKruger/BBBD

Name: The Awesome One (TAO)
DOB: 6 December 1989
Born: London, England
Height: 6ft1in
Weight: 229lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme:
Quotes: "No, Im Awesome!!"
Ringstyle: Technical
Trained By: William Regal
Physique Comparison: Edge
Moves: Clothesline, Spinning Heel Kick, Shoulderbreaker, Knee Drop
Special Moves: Side Suplex, Missile Dropkick
Finisher: Blockbuster, Frogsplash
About: One half of 'Awesome Booty' TAO is one of the most promising young stars in WWR.
Controlled by VadeKruger/BBBD

Name: Michael Mark Adams (MMA)
DOB: 24 August 1990
Born: Toronto, Canada
Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 240lbs
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Theme:
Quotes: "Peeeeaaaacccce!"
Ringstyle: Technical
Trained By: CM Punk
Physique Comparison: Bryan Danielson
Moves: Headbutt, Various MMA strikes and kicks, German Suplex, Legdrop off the second rope, Backbreaker, Flying Headbutt
Special Moves: Frankensteiner, 10 Strike combo in corner
Finisher: 'TAPOUT!' (Crossface Variant which he is able to apply from various positions)
Accomplishments: 1 time WWR Continental Champion
About: Kicked out of MMA camp for being too aggressive, Adams has been in trouble with the law for assaulting people on various occasions.
Controlled by VadeKruger

Name: Viggo Dynamite
DOB: 17 May 1981
Born: Pierre, South Dakota
Height: 6ft 4in
Weight: 257lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: 'Aint It Fun' - Guns N Roses
Quotes: "I am Dynamite!!"
Ringstyle: Power Technician
Trained By: Curt Hennig
Physique Comparison:
Moves: German overhead release suplex, DDT, Suplex, Flying Clothesline, Shoulder Tackle in the corner, Swinging Neckbreaker, Dragon Suplex, Frankensteiner, Running Dropkick, Snapmare/Neckbreaker combo,
Special Moves: Suplex Montage (Suplex, Gutwrench, German) Running Frontkick (Sheamus), Superkick, Pumphandle Cutter
Finisher: Viggoplex (Perfectplex)
Accomplishments: 1 time WAC Continental Champion
About: Viggo comes from an average family, he excelled in sports as a kid, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Table Tennis, Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Darts, name it, he excelled in it.
Controlled by VadeKruger

Name: Terry Malone
DOB: 24 July 1976
Born: Las Vegas, Nevada
Height: 6ft10in
Weight: 320lbs
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Theme: 'Come With Me' - P. Diddy
Ringstyle: Powerhouse
Trained By: Shane Lynas
Physique Comparison: Matt Morgan
Moves: Big Boot, Sidewalk Slam, Samoan Drop, Clothesline, Gorilla Press Slam, Powerslam
Special Moves: Running Big Boot, Spinebuster, Flying Shoulderblock
Finisher: Mega Chokeslam
Accomplishments: Former 2 time WAC World Tag Team Champion
About: Previously served as a bodyguard many celebrities and bands before turning to wrestling following bumping into Shane Lynas at a film preview after party. Member of Exodus

Name: Raven F. Solurex
DOB: 15 Sept 1979
Born: Amarillo, Texas
Height: 6'0
Weight: 220lbs
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Theme: ""OverLord" by Black Label Socity
Ringstyle: Submission/Tech
Trained By: Bill Demott, Brett Hart
Physique Comparison: "flyin" Brian Pillman
Ring Gear: Black Tights with a dark red cross on either outside legs, the left leg has a black chain around it, on the right side it has a sword down the middle, black knee pads and black padded boots
Moves: # Dropkick (variants),# Cobra Clutch Drop,# Flying Head Scissors,# Spine Buster,(spiniing),# Gut busters (variants)# Pile Drivers (jumping, falling, spike)# Russian Legsweep (reverse also)# Inverted Facelock Swinging Neckbreaker# Gory special 2000# multiple chest slaps (WHOOOOOOOO!!)# Sleeper hold (variants)#.Running Bulldog
Special Moves: # Rear Naked Choke,# Chicken Wing Choke w/bobdy sissors,# Top Rope Guilotine Leg Drop,# Dragon Sleeper,# Arm Drag (arm drag flips (tatanka), arm bars ect),# Boston Crab / Single Leg Crab,# Pendulum Backbreaker,# Pump Handle Slam,# Power Slam
# Neck Breaker Drop (scorpion death drop),# Multiple Clothelines (British Bulldog),# Power Bomb
Finisher: (1) Sit-Out Side Slam,(2) Phoenix Splash
Controlled by Phreak

Name: Adam Griffin
DOB: 30 March 1983
Born: Jacksonville, Florida
Height: 6ft6in
Weight: 295lbs
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Theme: 'Come With Me' - P. Diddy
Ringstyle: Powerhouse
Trained By: Shane Lynas
Physique Comparison: Nathan Jones
Moves: Big Legdrop, Corner Splash, Gutwrench Suplex, Falling Headbutt
Special Moves: Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker, Facebuster, Flapjack
Finisher: Jacknife Powerbomb
Accomplishments: Former 2 time WAC World Tag Team Champion
About: Adam Griffin was discovered wrestling a friend at a local independent show by Shane Lynas who was staying in the area and attending secretly. Lynas was so impressed with Griffin that he signed him up to a training program within 3 days, following intensive training Adam was sent to some small organisations by Lynas before being brought into WAC.

Name: Mike McGrath
DOB: 24 October 1988
Born: Detroit, Michigan
Height: 6ft1in
Weight: 245lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: 'Highway To Hell' - ACDC
Ringstyle: Technical
Trained By: Shawn Michaels
Physique Comparison: Steve Blackman
Moves: Dropkick, Legdrop, Elbow Drop, Suplex, Neckbreaker, Side Russian Legsweep
Special Moves: Jumping DDT, Flying Leg Lariot
Finisher: German Suplex Bridge
About: Mike demands perfection from every move he executes, and is often over critical of himself

Name: Bryan Dean
DOB: 1 April 1981
Born: Baltimore, Maryland
Height: 6ft2in
Weight: 240lbs
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Theme: 'Come With Me' - P. Diddy
Ringstyle: Technical
Trained By: Chris Benoit, Homicide
Physique Comparison: Shawn Michaels
Moves: Fishermans Suplex, German Suplex, Neckbreaker, Clothesline off the top rope
Special Moves: Triple German SUplex, Crossbody, Piledriver
Finisher: Diving Headbutt off the top
Accomplishments: Former 1 time BCW International Champion
About: A master of mat grappling and the suplex, Bryan Dean craves success and gold. His variation of the diving headbutt is a tribute to the late great Chris Benoit, who helped train him.

Name: Johnny Bishop
DOB: 9 October 1979
Born: Sacramento, California
Height: 6ft3in
Weight: 240lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: "Its Not War" - Manic Street Preachers
Ringstyle: Techincal
Trained By: Finlay, Dean Malenko
Physique Comparison: Tito Santana
Moves: Clothesline, Backdrop, Bodyslam, Legdrop, Flying tackle, Neckbreaker, backbreaker, Back Suplex, Atomic Drop
Special Moves: Figure Four, Boston Crab, Front Facelock into DDT
Finisher: 'Bishopsgate' (Running Powerslam into Dragon Sleeper, then into Reverse DDT)
Accomplishments: Very first WAC Dynamics Champion
About: Bishop is a Californian preacher turned wrestler, he often prays in the ring before a match. He hosts the show 'Bishops Sermon' on WAC Vortex.

Name: El Omen
DOB: Unknown
Born: Mexico
Height: 6ft1in
Weight: 223lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme:
Ringstyle: High flyer
Trained By: Vampiro
Physique Comparison: Kidman
Moves: Cross Body, Flying Clothesline, Dropkick, Spinning Heelkick
Special Moves: Moonsault, Cutter, Missile Dropkick
Finisher: Blockbuster
About: A Devil worshipper, El Omen is a great athlete who puts all his faith in his ability. However he sometimes has flashbacks to his time in a mexican youth hostel where he was subject to torture.......when this happens he tends to go a little nuts

Name: Mason Garrett
DOB: 12 February 1987
Born: Atlanta, Georgia
Height: 6ft2in
Weight: 260lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: 'My Sacrifice' - Creed
Ringstyle: Bret Hart (Technical)
Trained By: Kevin Von Erich
Physique Comparison: Scott Steiner (Pre Big Poppa Pump)
Moves: Clothesline in the corner, Dropkick, Belly to Belly Suplex, Gutwrench Suplex, German Suplex, various holds
Special Moves: Double Underhook Powerbomb, Legdrop from top rope
Finisher: Frankensteiner, Backslide Drop (opponent set on top rope and dropped)
Accomplishments: Former Northern Heavyweight champion
About: Just a regular guy, high intensity and loves wrestling.
Controlled by VadeKruger

Name: 'Cowboy' Harris
DOB: 23 September 1978
Born: Austin, Texas
Height: 6ft2in
Weight: 276lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: Generic Country Music
Quotes: 'Whoa there'
Ringstyle: Brawler
Trained By: Barry Windham
Physique Comparison: Barry Darsow
Moves: Backbreaker, Double Axehandle, Boston Crab
Special Moves: Sleeper, Double Arm Suplex, Splash in the corner
Finisher: Flying Lariat
About: A horrible, selfish pig of a man. Has no respect for anyone and chews tobacco, spitting it randomly whenever he pleases.

Name: David Berard
DOB: 24 March 1986
Born: Boston, Massachusetts
Height: 6ft 10in
Weight: 285lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: Headstrong - Trapt
Ringstyle: Powerhouse, Brawler
Trained By: Matt Morgan, Kurt Angle
Physique Comparison: Matt Morgan
Moves: Various Clotheslines, Big Boot, DDT, European Uppercut
Special Moves: Gutwrench Powerbomb, AA Spinebuster, Jackhammer
Finisher: WTC [World Trade Center] (top rope jacknife powerbomb)
Accomplishments: Former Heavyweight champion in Mexican Demongate
About: He went to Boston College in Boston Massachusetts and played basketball, leading the school to the championship all 4 years. He started training for pro wrestling in his 3rd year of college
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Re: World Wrestling Revolution Roster

Post by VadeKruger » May 15th, '11, 02:14

Name: Robert Randall
DOB: 11 July 1990
Born: Worcester, Massachusetts
Height: 6ft3
Weight: 245lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: "Undead" by 'Hollywood Undead'
Ringstyle: Powerhouse, Hardcore, Technical,
Trained By: AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Randy Orton
Physique Comparison: Randy Orton
Moves: Cross Backbreaker,Clothesline,Scoop Slam,DDT,Twisting Neckbreaker,Elbow Drop,Dropkick,Mounted Punches.
Special Moves:Facebreaker Knee Smash,High Knee,Figure Four Leglock, Rear Naked Choke, Top Rope RKO,Spinning Sideslam,
Finisher:Sword Of Chaos(Double Underhook Gator Roll Facebuster) Heel Hook
Accomplishments: Former 1 time WAC Continental Champion
About: Raised himself on the streets of Worcester MA, managed by Leah Luxon,Randall has resurfaced on WWR programming,having once again returned to his old roots:An a**hole. After coming in at Path To Glory,Randall has formed The SoF with WWR newcomers James North and The Jones Twins,to teach them all they need to know to go far;Having realligned with old partner and stablemate NNTK from Prophecy,the two of them along with NNTK's two partners Vade and Lynas from The Origin,theyve set out to destroy "Ungrateful newcomers" who they feel dont belong in "Their" house...but how long will the NNTK/Randall alliance last? Will Randalls arrogance break things? Or will NNTKs anger be the piece that causes it all to crumble? There's no telling where this young man's career will take him,only time will tell
#Controlled by Robert Randall#

Name: "The Psychotic Luchador" Spider
DOB: 23 April 1988
Born: El Paso, TX
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 195 lb
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: “I’m Charming” by The Black Dahlia Murder
Ringstyle: Lucha-Libre, Technical, Ultraviolent
Trained By: CZW-Chikara Wrestlefactory
Physique Comparison: JC Bailey
Moves: Springboard lungblower, moonsault, corkscrew moonsault, 450 splash, standing 450 splash, enzugiri, shining wizard, knee strike to an opponent in the corner, Tarantula Bomb (Michinoku Driver II, almost always sets up for his finisher)
Finisher: Death From Above (Spider walks the top rope to the middle of the ring and hits a Phoenix Splash)
About: One of the sickest people to ever set foot in a WAC ring, Spider is a well-rounded luchador who isn’t afraid to get violent. This masked man will go toe to toe with anybody. One half of the Hardkore Psychos with Robert Randall

Name: Davis 'The Dominator' Hardy
DOB: 1984, 7th April
Born: Des Moines, Iowa
Height: 6'5
Weight: 270 pounds
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Theme: Nothing To Say - Slash feat M. Shadows
Quotes: ''DOMINATED!'' as a random shoutout after he hits his finisher(s)
Ringstyle: Powerhouse, technician
Trained By: Goldberg, Batista, Mexico indie circuit.
Physique Comparison: Goldberg
Moves: Suplex variants, foottrip and anklelock, Cloverleaf breaker, Regal stretch, STF, Gorilla Press variants, running powerslam
Special Moves: Sidewalk backbreaker, Springboard Savate kick
Finisher: Spear, Crucifix powerbomb ('The Dominator')
Accomplishments: 1x Strike! Breakout of 2007, 3x Heavyweight Champion in Mexican Demon Gate
About: A young man with true ambitions to climb the ladder to the top, and dominate all the way there.#Controlled by Chris Everlast#

Name: Brent Kelly
DOB: 3 March 1982
Born: Cincinatti, Ohio
Height: 5ft11in
Weight: 228lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme:
Ringstyle: High Flyer
Trained By: Rey Mysterio
Physique Comparison: Owen Hart
Moves: Dropkick, Crossbody, Bodyslam & elbow drop combo
Special Moves: Axe Kick, Chop Combo, Moonsault, Slingshot Suplex
Finisher: Axe Kick off the top
About: A former Police Officer, Kelly prefers a high flying ring approach having been trained by Rey Mysterio, watch this guy as he can pull out a killer move from anywhere.

Name: Marcus 'Unbreakable' Jones
DOB: October 23, 1976
Born: Memphis, Tenessee
Height: 5'11
Weight: 234 lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: Bite It Like A Bulldog - Lordi
Ringstyle: Grappler, striker
Trained By: Undertaker, Jerry Lawler
Physique Comparison: The Miz
Moves: Powerbomb variations, Gutwrench Suplex, Mule kick, Boxing jab combination.
Special Moves: Blackout (Running Enzuigiri)
Finisher: Mountainshaker (Package Piledriver), Gotcha (Flapjack + DDT finisher with his brother. 'Snapshot' by MNM)
Accomplishments: 5x Tag Team Champion w/ Evan Jones in United Wrestling Championship, 2x Tag Team Champion /w Evan Jones in Mexican Demon Gate, 5x Tag Team Champion /w Evan Jones in BattleZone
About: Experienced tagteam wrestler with his twin brother Evan Jones in the tag team ''Unbreakable n' Unstoppable''. Wears blue trunks with the word ''Unbreakable'' along the behind, with matching kickpads and boots.#Controlled by Robert Randall and Chris Everlast

Name: Evan 'Unstoppable' Jones
DOB: October 23, 1976
Born: Memphies, Tenessee
Height: 5'11
Weight: 230
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: Bite It Like A Bulldog - Lordi
Ringstyle: Highflyer, striker
Trained By: Undertaker, Evan Bourne
Physique Comparison: The Miz
Moves: Japanese Armdrag, Standing Moonsault, Bulldog, Hurricanrana (Sometimes into another opponent), stiff kicks to his opponent's legs.
Special Moves: Pumphandle Driver, 'Sup, Bro (Trouble In Paradise)
Finisher: Heartbreaker (Flying from the Top Rope Discus Elbow)
Accomplishments: 5x Tag Team Champion w/ Marcus Jones in United Wrestling Championship, 2x Tag Team Champion /w Marcus Jones in Mexican Demon Gate, 5x Tag Team Champion /w Marcus Jones in BattleZone
About: Experienced tagteam wrestler with his twinbrother Evan Jones in the tag team ''Unbreakable n' Unstoppable''. Wears red trunks with the word ''Unstoppable'' along the behind, with matching kickpads and boots.
#Controlled by Robert Randall and Chris Everlast

Name: Jesse Phillips
DOB: 6 July 1987
Born: Rome, Georgia
Height: 6ft 1in
Weight: 227lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: 'Bad To The Bone'
Quotes: 'Darkness cant be judged by the clothes on your back but the cloud on your heart'
Ringstyle: Fast, Technical
Trained By: Jake Roberts, Shawn Michaels
Physique Comparison: Jake Roberts
Moves: Clothesline, Bodyslam, Armdrag, Suplex,
Flying Elbow, Tilt-a-whirl Slam, Dropkick, Scoop Powerslam
Special Moves: Thrust Kick, Short Arm Clothesline, Kneelift
Finisher: Jake Brake DDT, Kneelift into DDT
Accomplishments: Has won many Championships in Japan and UK
About: A lone Rocker that plays by his own rules and has a sadistic style of wrestling, doesnt care who he hurts to get what he wants.
#Controlled by BOD#

Born: Tokyo, Japan
DOB: 16 July 1979
Height: 5ft 9
Weight: 245lbs
Position: Heel
Trained by: Orient Express
Ringstyle: Technical, martial arts based
Favourite Moves: clothesline, chop, karate kick, roundhouse kick, snap suplex
Special Moves: Double flying chop, double spinning heelkick, flying kick, chop combo in corner Finisher: Springboard Kamikaze Kick
About: Born in Tokyo, Japan but he moved to Clearwater, Florida when he was 5 years old, his father had secured a job in the States. Highly trained in martial arts such as Karate, Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do, make him a formidable opponent.

The Blade
Born: Parts Unknown
DOB: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Position: Heel
Trained by: Unknown
Ringstyle: Highflying technician
Favourite Moves: Dropkick, superkick, crossbody, flying clothesline,
Special Moves: Anaconda Vice, Springboard back elbow, Piledriver off the 2nd rope
Finisher: 450 Splash
About: Not much is known about The Blade, apart from he likes nobody and nobody likes him. He wrestles with a mask, it’s almost as if the mask is his face. It cannot be removed.

Leon Thomson
Born: Washington dc
DOB: Jan 8 1985
Height: 6'3
Weight: 215
Position: Face
Trained by: Kurt Angle, The Patriot, Lex Luger
Ringstyle: Technical
Favorite Moves: Facebuster, Neckbreaker
Special moves: Pileriver, Cloverleaf
Finisher: Red white n blue (Powerbomb senton combination with Gary Browning)
About: Thompson is all about his country - America and is one half of freedom and liberty with his partner Gary Browning he dresses in red, white and blue ring gear, carries the american flag to the ring

Gary Browning
Born: Los Angeles, California
DOB: Nov 5 1981
Height: 6 '4
Weight: 245
Position: Face
Trained by: Jim Neidhart, Haku, The Warlord
Ringstyle: Brawler
Favorite moves: Fall away slam, Samoan drop Special moves: Full Nelson Slam, Spinebuster Finisher: Same as Lee Thompson
About: Browning is as American as u can get, like his partner he loves the USA, he too dresses n red white n blue and is the other half of Freedom and Liberty

Jason Scott
Born: Raleigh, North Carolina
DOB: Jan 25 1985
Height: 6'4
Weight: 240
Position: Face
Trained by: Harley Race, The Barbarian
Ringstyle: Powerhouse, Brawler
Favorite Moves: Clothesline, Leg Drop
Special Moves: Shoulder Block, Body Press
Finisher: The Hut Hut Hike (Clothesline and Chop Block combo with partner Gunnar Savage) About: Jason Scott is a former collegiate football star at Alabama State and has taken his atheleticism and strength to the WAC to further test himself. He is also one half of the Gridiron Greats with Gunner Savage

Gunnar Savage
Born: Madison Wisconsin
DOB: Feb 23 1985
Height: 6'5 ft
Weight: 250
Position: Face
Trained by: Roddy Piper, The Barbarian
Ringstyle: Powerhouse, Brawler
Favorite Moves: Gutbuster, Airplane Spin
Special Moves: Death Valley Driver, Pumphandle Suplex
Finisher: Same as his partner Jason Scott.
About: Gunnar Savage is an ex football player turned wrestler, him and his tag team partner met after a game and discussed wrestling, the rest is history. Member of The Gridiron Greats

Matt Driver
Dob:26th Sept 1985
Weight:230 Pounds
Entrance Theme:"Becoming the Bull " by Atreyu
Ringstyle:Striker And Highflyer
Trained By:Robert Roode,Jeremy Buck,And Abyss
Physique Comparison:Kazarian
Moves:Hurricanrana,Moonsault,Spinning Heel Kick,Ghostbuster,Flying Clothesline,Dropkick
Signature Moves:Top Rope Leg Drop,Springboard Elbow
Finishers:Drive By(Skull Crushing Finale) Shooting Star Press
Accomplishments:Former BCW 1 Time International Champion

Name: James North
DOB: 1985, 9th October
Born: Lafayette, Indiana
Height: 5'11
Weight: 236 lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: Watch This - Slash
Ringstyle: Highflyer, luchalibre
Trained By: 1-2-3 Kid, Ultimo Dragon
Physique Comparison: The Miz
Moves: Roundhouse kick, Rolling savate, Head scissors takedown, Northern Lights Suplex with bridge pin, Fisherman's Swinging Neckbreaker, Running Wheel Kick.
Special Moves: Wheelbarrow facebuster from the top turnbuckle
Finisher: Headhunter (Guillotine Drop), Northbuster (Styles Clash)
Accomplishments: 1x Light Heavyweight Champion in Mexican Demon Gate, 2x Midwest ACW Light Heavyweight Champion, 1x Tag Team Champion (w/ Davis Hardy) in Mexican Demon Gate
About: Was scouted by BCW road agents after being advised by Davis Hardy. Was given a tryout match at a house show and was signed after.
#Controlled by Robert Randall and Chris Everlast#

Name: The Punisher
DOB: 09/12/1987
Born: Terra Haute, IN
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 290 puounds
Entrance Theme: Dead Man Walking by Bloodsimple
Ringstyle: Brawler
Trained By: Triple H
Physique Comparison: The Undertaker ABA
Moves: Ankle Lock, Clothesline, Chokeslam, Elbow Drop
Special Moves: Old school, Sharpshooter, High Knee
Finisher: Ride to Hell (Jackhammer), Spear
Accomplishments: None as of right now
About: Born in Terra Haute, IN and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Had to defend for himself. Was in and out of prison for bar fights.

Name: Ian "The Gamer" Sterkley
DOB: August 22nd 1988
Born: Tuscon AZ
Height: 6'3
Weight: 135 lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: Guile's Stage theme from "Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers"
Quotes: "C-C-C Combo Breaker" (when he counters a series of strikes)
"Fehhhh, you're a N00B"
"It's GAME OVAH for you bud!"
Ringstyle: He wrestles using a self created Hardcore/Highflying/Luchadore style. However, a brief stint in Japan has taught him a few comedy wrestling tricks. He also is a green belt in karate.
Trained By: Petey Williams, Scott D'Amore, Antonio Inoki (indirectly, trained by a trainee of Inoki)
Physique Comparison: Player Uno
Moves: Many variations of the Hurricanrana, kicking combinations, and numerous turnbuckle manuevers
Special Moves: Shooting Star Press, Knee Trembler
Finisher: The Energy Drain (Zig Zag)
Accomplishments: VCW World Champion, VCW Hardcore Champion, VCW Tag Team Champion, Gladiator Wrestling School Ironman Champion
About: Inspired by wrestling video games, Ian began his career in an illegal human cockfighting ring where he was trained by Charlies Yin, a personal trainee of Antonio Inoki. After that, he dominated the promotion called VCW, where he met and courted backstage announcer Anna West. After the promotion shut down in mid 2010, Ian took some time off to spend time with his beloved wife, and adopt a 3 year old German child named Christoph. Now, his itch to get back into the ring brings him here
#Controlled by NWK#

Name: Heinreich Steinbolt
DOB: 7th May, 1978
Born: Leipzig, Germany
Height: 6'3 feet
Weight: 259 lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: Links 2 3 4 - Rammstein
Quotes: ''And may be, zat you can be as gut as me!''
Ringstyle: Powerhouse, submissionist
Trained By: Kurt Angle
Physique Comparison: Kurt Angle
Moves: Suplexes, throws, big boot, droptoe hold into an ankle lock, hammerlock scoopslam, Backsuplex-to-neckbreaker.
Special Moves: Polish Hammer, Battering Ram (Headbutt to oncoming opponent)
Finisher: Air Raid Siren
Accomplishments: Twotime olympic medalist.
About: In a tagteam with André Steinbolt

Name: André Steinbolt
DOB: 1 May 1989
Born: Leipzig, Germany
Height: 5'10
Weight: 210 lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: Links 2 3 4 - Rammstein
Ringstyle: Luchalibre
Trained By: Rey Mysterio, Jerry Lynn
Physique Comparison: AJ Styles
Moves: Flip DDT, standing moonsault, running/standing Shooting Star Splash, crossbody, Roundhouse kick, Pele kick
Special Moves: Superkick, Canadian Backbreaker
Finisher: Steinhammer (Tombstone Piledriver)
Accomplishments: Championships all over West Europe's wrestling scene
About: In a tagteam with Heinreich Steinbolt.


Name: Leah Luxon
DOB: 23 April 1989
Born: London, England
Height: 5ft5
Weight: 135lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: 'I Wanna Be Bad' by Willa Ford
Ringstyle: Hardcore,Technical, High Flyer
Trained By: Mike Quakenbush, Sara Del Rey, LuFisto
Physique Comparison: Velvet Sky
Moves: Super kick, Short arm clothesline, arm trap neckbreaker, snap suplex, Impaler ddt
Special Moves: Spingboard dropkick, tornado ddt, houston hangover leg drop, inverted figure four leg lock
Finisher: One Night Stand (Moonsault Double Stomp)
Accomplishments: Former Death Dome Xtreme Women's Champion
About: Manager of The Sons of Fortune
#Controlled by Robert Randall#

Name: Heather Gilchrist
From: Kildare, Ireland
Height: 5 ft. 4 in.
Weight: 145 lb.
DOB: August 21, 1989
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Music: South of Heaven by Slayer (When by herself)
Trained by: MsChif, Wesna Busic, Cheerleader Melissa
Style: Technical, Brawler
Physique Comparison: MsChif
Favorite Moves: Sunset Flip Powerbomb, Standing Shooting Star Press, Running DDT, Figure Four Leglock, Superkick to running opponent, Fisherman Driver, Muta Lock, Crossface
Setup Moves: Shining Wizard, Inverted Go 2 Sleep, Burning Hammer, Delayed Piledriver, Cattle Mutilation, Loss for Words (Gogoplata)
Finishers: Desecrator (Adopted from MsChif), Spinal Delight (CB-4 Driver), Dungeon Chains (Kondo Clutch) The Beheading (Hangman's Neckbreaker to an opponent in the Tree of Woe)
Accomplishments: 2x IWW Women's Champion, 1x AJW Champion, 2x ChickFight Winner, 2x RQW Women's Champion
About: A fiery and feisty redhead, she is known for having a volatile temper, unpredictable emotions, and a strong and unwavering honor code. She always speaks in place of Fergal Kiley, and the ties between them are unknown, although rumored to run deeper than strictly business.
#Controlled by Kirbs2002#

Name: Allanah
From: Manteca, California
DOB: May 17, 1978
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 163 lb
Alignment: Face
Entrance Music: The Blister Exists by Slipknot
Quotes: "You're just another rock on the road to victory."
Trained By: Tiger Mask, Mitsuharu Misawa, The Great Muta
Ring Style: Power, Technical, Occasional Flyer
Physique Comparison: LuFisto
Favorite Moves: Tiger Feint Kick followed by a Slingshot Senton, Running Hurricanrana, Kobashi chop frenzy, Numerous Powerslam Variations, Numerous Suplex Variations, Gory Special Neckbreaker
Special/Setup Moves: Indian Deathlock, Tiger Suplex, Shining Wizard, Springboard Moonsault
Finishers: Railroad Spike (Delayed Jumping Piledriver), Cannonball (Powerbomb bridged into pin), Allanah Driver 2000 (Double-Underhook Ganso Bomb), Pure Beauty (Shooting Star Press)
Accomplishments: 3x Chickfight Winner, 4x AJW Champion, 1x TWF World Women's Champion
About: A time-hardened veteran of the western and Japanese indy circuits, She's known for her Japanese training, her infamous slugfests, and how she (according to the sheets) "flies better than most cruiserweights" despite her size. She comes to accomplish her lifelong dream of winning a major title.
#Controlled by Kirbs2002#

Name: Kayla Killings
DOB: 7th December, 1986
Born: Chicago, Illinois
Height: 5'6
Weight:165 lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: Perfect Insanity - Disturbed
Ringstyle: Technical highflyer
Trained By: Trish Stratus, Victoria, Team 3D
Physique Comparison: Natalya
Moves: Reverse DDT, Enzuigiri, Regal Stretch, German overhead suplex (Often with a bridgepin), Flying Hurricanrana, Running Knee Smash
Special Moves: High Knee + Neckbreaker combo (like the Reality Check)
Finisher: Killdriver (Package Piledriver)
Accomplishments: 3x Tag Team Champion w/ Nina Cortez in Arsenal Wrestling Federation, 2x Tag Team Champion w/ Nina Cortez in Chicago Underground Wrestling, 2x Tag Team Champion w/ Nina Cortez in Non Stop Wrestling Association.
About: Kayla Killings and her partner Nina Cortez first formed their team at the Dudleyz' Wrestling Academy. They have shown up to WWR to show that women can win any title, even in the mainstream scene.
#Controlled by Kirbs2002#

Name: Nina Cortez
DOB: 5th July, 1987
Born: El Paso, Texas
Height: 5'5
Weight: 160 lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: Perfect Insanity - Disturbed
Ringstyle: Highflyer, technical
Trained By: Trish Stratus, Team 3D
Physique Comparison: Trish Stratus
Moves: Frankensteiner, Running Discus Clothesline, hiptoss followed by a hard soccerkick to the spine, hammerlock bodyslam, desperation enzuigiri, snap suplex.
Special Moves: Tiger Driver pin combo, Rolling Savate kick.
Finisher: La Niña (Sliced Bread No 2)
Accomplishments: 3x Tag Team Champion w/ Kayla Killings in Arsenal Wrestling Federation, 2x Tag Team Champion w/ Kayla Killings in Chicago Underground Wrestling, 2x Tag Team Champion w/ Kayla Killings in Non Stop Wrestling Association
About: Nina Cortez and her partner Kayla Killings first formed their team at the Dudleyz' Wrestling Academy. They have shown up to WWR to show that women can win any title, even in the mainstream scene.
#Controlled by Kirbs2002#

Name: Ronja Martinsdottir
DOB: 17 May, 1982
Born: Reykavik, Iceland
Height: 7' 0" ft
Weight: 280 lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: Twilight of the Thundergod - Amon Amarth
Ringstyle: Powerhouse
Trained By: Chyna, Amazing Kong, Isis the Amazon
Physique Comparison: Isis the Amazon
Moves: Running lariat, big boot, gorilla press powerslam, belly-to belly suplex
Special Moves: Howl of Fenrir (Sitout Powerbomb), Sitout two-handed chokeslam
Finisher: Twilight of the Thundergod (Reverse vertical suplex into cutter)
Accomplishments: x2 Women's Champion in Mexican Demon Gate, 2x RQW Women's Champion, 4x AWR Tag Team Champion (with Amazing Kong), Most Surprising Breakout 2007 in Strike magazine, Fitness Women Covergirl (December 2010).
About: A big, blonde woman who came to America by a boat without compass, the stories say, to find new competition. The lack of compass however didn't get her to her exact goal and she got stuck in Mexico, until now.
#Controlled by Kirbs2002#

Name: Sophie Irvine
DOB: July 9, 1989
Born: New York, NY
Height: 5'4
Weight: 160 lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: Woman - Wolfmother
Ringstyle: Striker.
Trained By: Ken Shamrock
Physique Comparison: Trish Stratus
Moves: Kimora, armbars, leglocks, takedowns. (MMA stuff)
Special Moves: Flying Knee, High kick to the head
Finisher: Anaconda Vise
Accomplishments: Competed in MMA, her score is 9-2-4 (Win Draw Loss)

Name: Terri Ryzing
DOB: 6 September, 1979
Born: Chicago, Illinois
Height: 5'10
Weight: 210 lbs
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Theme: Hellraiser - Motorhead
Quotes: ''F**k you!'' to whatever unlikeable person that disagrees with her
Ringstyle: Hardcore
Trained By: Mick Foley
Physique Comparison: Christina von Eerie
Moves: Bodyslam, dropkick, DDT, Tiger Bomb
Special Moves: Tiger suplex pin, Springboard moonsault
Finisher: Punksault (Moonsault, giving the finger to the crowd with both hands first)
Accomplishments: 1x Cruiserweight Champion in Coastal Wrestling Federation, 3x Women's Tag Team Champion in Coastal Wrestling Federation, 2x Hardcore Champion in BattleZone, 1x Women's Champion in Mexican Demon Gate, Most Offensive Wrestler of the Year 2005 by Strike!
About: An accomplished veteran, with a very punky, anarchist attitude.

Name: Stella R. Ressling
DOB: 7th April, 1984
Born: Calgary, Canada
Height: 5'7
Weight: 159 lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: Defy You - The Offspring
Quotes: ''What you see in that ring is stellar wrestling!''
Ringstyle: Technician, submissionist
Trained By: Bret Hart
Physique Comparison: Natalya
Moves: Drop toe hold, Modified Cloverleaf Figure Four, Full Nelson lock, Inverted Neckbreaker, Delayed Vertical Suplex
Special Moves: Running Powerslam, Superkick
Finisher: Queen of Diamonds (Piledriver with both arms of opponent in a Butterfly lock)
Accomplishments: 1x Women's Champion in Mexican Demon Gate, 2x Women's Tag Team Champion in Valkyrie Wrestling Association
About: Outside of the ring she's very little talk and very little action, keeping out of trouble and assessing the situation rather than wasting her words. In the ring, she's pure dangerous

Name: Nevaeh Rayne
DOB: 3-14-1987
Born: Fort Wayne, In
Height: 5' 7'
Weight: 160
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: Take it out on you by GoldyLocks
Ringstyle: Methodical and technical
Trained By: Mike Quackenbush and Sara del Rey
Physique Comparison: Cheerleader Melissa
Moves: Knife edge chop, Standing drop kick, Snap suplex and Belly to belly suplex
Special Moves: Samoan drop, Forearm smash, and Spinebuster
Finisher: Kudo Driver
Accomplishments: UK womens champ and All Japan Womens champ
About: Got her break in Japan and has worked her butt off to work in BCW

Name: Anna West Sterkley
DOB: September 4th 1989
Born: New Orleans, Louisiana
Height: 6'4
Weight: 120 lbs
Alignment: Face
Entrance Theme: Guile's Stage Theme from "Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers"
Quotes: They don't call me Wild Wild West for nothing
Ringstyle: She's almost purely a Martial Artists, she wrestles very much like a UFC fighter
Trained By: Her husband, Ian "The Gamer" Sterkley, Kris Cyborg, Lita
Physique Comparison: Lita
Moves: Huricanrana, Headscissor Takedown, numerous submissions, punches and kicks
Special Moves: Knee Trembler, Tornado DDT
Finisher: Hurricane Cutrina (Diamond Cutter)
Accomplishments: Former Backstage Announcer for VCW, AWW (All Women Wrestling) Bikini Wrestling Champion
About: Anna is the wife of Ian "The Gamer" Sterkley, and she manages him. A broadcast journalist by trade, Anna was working for the VCW when she met The Gamer, and they married. Anna was pivotal to Ian's personal success until they both left the company in its dying days to settle down and start a family with three year old adopted German child Kristoph. While Ian was content being a stay at home father, Anna took up free lance wrestling gigs, her most profitiable of which landed her a job in the small Arizona promotion All Women Wrestling, where she served as Bikini Wrestling Champion. Now that Ian's competitive itch to be in the ring has gotten the better of him, Anna follows her husband to BCW
#Controlled by NWK#

Name:Lionna McKnight
DOB:July 11 1986
Born:Detroit Michigan
Entrance Theme:"Silhouettes" By Smile Empty Soul.
Trained By:Trish Stratus,The Fabolous Moolah,Minami Toyato,Kurt Angle,Sabu.
Physique Comparison:Francine.
Moves:Every kind of submission and hold,All Suplexs,Variety of Springboard and top rope moves(SSP,Leg drop,Swanton,Frog splash 450 ETC) ,Pele Kick,Stiff kicks and strikes,Hammerlock Clotheline,Inverted DDT from Tree of woe,Judo arm flip,Headlock leg trip.
Special Moves:Whisper in the wind,Cobra Clutch Suplex,Standing Moonsault twisting into senton,,Spinning backfist , Double Chickenwing Legsweep Facebuster,Back Suplex into Facebuster.
Finisher:"Mcknightmare",(Shining Axe Kick) 630, Snapmare into Triangle Choke
Accomplishments:Three time AMPW Womens Champion,Two time Detroit City Wrestling Womens Champion,Four time National Midwest Women's Champion,Also held many different Womens Titles across the world including Japan,The UK,Ireland,Russia and Germany.
About:Lionna Mcknight,with her extensive training by some true greats and innovators,,its easy to see why shes achieved extreme greatness all over the world,even holding several belts from different countrys at once.Given her mix of styles,she can reverse,counter,strike,fly and use weapons with truly the best.She also is a brillant manager,having led many others to World Titles as well. Now shes here in WAC to add to her incredible championship collection.
Controlled by Killdozer
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Re: World Wrestling Revolution Roster

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I want in on this, sir(s).

I have a few characters I could throw in if you guys want more; but I'd def like to write for the Punisher!

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Re: World Wrestling Revolution Roster

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badnewzxl wrote:I want in on this, sir(s).

I have a few characters I could throw in if you guys want more; but I'd def like to write for the Punisher!

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Re: World Wrestling Revolution Roster

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DOB:Not Known,Some say on a Friday the 13th,and some say right at the stroke of midnight on Halloween,The year is a mystery as well.
Born:The Netherworld
Weight:350 lbs
Allignment:Monster Heel
Entrance Theme:"Sacrilegious Scorn" by Dimmu Borgir
Ringstyle:Powerhouse Brawler;Nothing but repeated shots and attacks to head and face;and violence and intensity.
Trained By:Unknown,most say that NNTK's trainer allegedly died in jail for after years for numerous felonies,including arson,manslaughter and murder,as well as possesion of a firearm by a convicted felon.
Physique Comparison:Ryback
Moves:European Uppercut, Strike Combination, Knees From The Clinch, Fireman's Carry Wheelbarrow Facebuster, Kick In The Jaw, Forward Russian Legsweep, Double Axehandle, Mounted Punches, Rope Hung Uppercut, Snap Neckbreaker.
Signature Moves:Repeated Elbow Strikes To The Head, Running Knee Lift, Vertebreaker, Headbutt,S pinning Backfist, Powerbomb Cutter, Stiff Right ,Superman Punch.
Finishers:Jake Roberts Style DDT(Set Up For Endless Rage.)Endless Rage(Chokeslam/Jumping Reverse STO Combination.) Punt Kick.
Accomplishments:One time WWR World Champion,One time WWR Dynamics Champion,Formed Prophecy and BPA,two large and very successful groups.
About:Covered all over his entire upper body including hands and face and head in black, red, blue, and green macabre gothic and tribal tattoos and with a face full of piercings, Wears a black rolled and tied bandanna around his head, Black tee shirt that reads in dark crimson red: "NO MERCY NO GUILT" directly over each other, with "ONLY VIOLENCE ONLY BLOODHED" in the same fashion,right fist taped with white,Black armband on left bicep, Black cargo workpants laced with chains,and steel toe black work boots.His eyes seem to be twisted or deranged;One is solid white and the other is red.Hair shaved very close and trim skinhead style but not completely bald, NNTK had wrestled with former WWR President Shane Lynas and Vade Kruger for several years back in the old BCW before WWR had started. He had been a tag team partner of Kruger on many occasions,and they won the belts a few times and even saw a couple of stints in Japan as well,Before NNTK had "problems with authority",as Vade has put it before,and they ended up losing the belts.NNTK had always seemed a bit strange before,and when WWR first opened,he immediately turned his back on his former friends and partners and a side of him that had never been seen before came out. He racked up a massive win streak after defeating Vade to crown the first World Champion and held the belt for months. He went on to gain several other big wins and was always in very controversial moments in WWR's past. He has had affiliations with the two biggest scourges to ever come through the company,and its easy to see why. Cold,calculating and uncaring,NNTK is a fierce warrior on a mission for destruction and is more focused than ever,determined to lay waste to those who oppose him.
When they come, they'll come at what you love.

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