WWR Update on Rebranding & New Company Logo

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WWR Update on Rebranding & New Company Logo

Post by Lynas » Feb 15th, '11, 04:17

Effective immediately WAC has re-branded itself as World Wrestling Revolution (WWR). In a move which many are calling "Making themselves more marketable".

We caught up with Shane Lynas regarding this new name.

Shane, how did the new name come about?
Lynas: "Well, myself, Tony & our advisors sat down and began discussing our marketability, and it was brought up by one man who for now will remain nameless, that our name was old, and reminded us of the old, and that's not at all what this company is about, this is a fast paced company with action everywhere you look & the attitude to boot. It's a movement, no... it's a revolution... and as quick as that it hit us. WAC is to be re-branded World Wrestling Revolution. It's perfect for us and how we like to work. To us it just made alot of sense & we've really got some fantastic feedback on it too"

And is there to be a new company logo to go along with this?
Lynas: "Absolutely, we're changing ourselves, making ourselves better, with new times, comes a new modern logo & with Path To Glory coming up, we'll push past the rebranding and really come into our own as the most popular & most viewed company around."

Here is the new WWR logo:

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