All Time Overall Best ROH Match?

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All Time Overall Best ROH Match?

Post by cero2k » Sep 19th, '16, 11:23

Let's say overall, what is the best ROH match in the promotion's history?

Danielson vs McGuinness?
Joe vs Punk?
Joe vs Kobashi?
Eddie vs Davey?
Generico vs Steen?
Carnage Crew vs Special K?

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Re: All Time Overall Best ROH Match?

Post by Big Red Machine » Sep 19th, '16, 13:07

Too hard to pick. I wouldn't fault anyone for picking Joe-Punk II, Joe vs. Kobashi, any number of Danielson-McGuinness matches, Dragon vs. Roddy from Vendetta, Steen vs. Generico from Final Battle 2010, Cage of Death, Davey vs. Eddie, Davey vs. Tyler from DBD, Dragon vs. KENTA for the title, KENTA vs. Ki, Dragon vs. Ki from RRC, either of the two big Nigel vs. Aries matches, the first Ladder War, the Jacobs-Whitmer blow-off, Davey vs. Elgin... you get the picture. A lot of it can even depend on what you're in the mood for at the moment.
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