BRM Reviews RF Video's Shoot Interview with Jim Cornette

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BRM Reviews RF Video's Shoot Interview with Jim Cornette

Post by Big Red Machine » Feb 5th, '12, 11:56

As you would expect from a Jim Cornette shoot, they get sidetracked A LOT with a ton of hilarious stories. Some of the stuff Cornette talks about with the fans in Watt's territory is legitimately scary. Like riots and attempted murder scary. Cornette also talks about what he thinks upcoming talent nowadays is missing, and what he thinks will help... and the answers will surprise you. This shoot was Jim Cornette talking about wrestling... in other words, it is worth your money.

Cornette talks about how he started in the business, his first promo, Bill Dundee, working in Memphis, working for Bill Watts, the most rabid fans he has ever worked in front of, the Von Erich's, his time with the Midnight Express, Dusty Rhodes, working with the Road Warriors and Jim's fall during that the scaffold match at Starrcade, Ric Flair, Big Bubba Rogers/The Big Bossman, Magnum TA, Babydoll, a ridiculously hilarious rib that the Fabulous Fargos played on a hitchhiking fan they had picked up, Dennis Condrey leaving and Stan Lane joining the Midnight Express, Shane Douglas, Paul Heyman, Jim Herd, quitting WCW, Cornette's botched invasion of WCW, Vince McMahon, Sable, Sunny, the Montreal Screwjob, Owen Hart, hardcore wrestling, Ian Rotten, stage dives, OVW, Eddie Gilbert, Kevin Nash, Triple H, New Jack & Mustafa, and of course, Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara. Plus, a peak into Jim Cornette's famous wrestling memorabilia room, with lots of old newspapers and pictures, a piece of the first table Synn (Corny's wife) ever went through, and the actual cast Bob Orton wore during his bodyguard gimmick (among other things).
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