BRM Reviews RF Video's Shoot Interview with DDP

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BRM Reviews RF Video's Shoot Interview with DDP

Post by Big Red Machine » Jan 9th, '12, 15:24

Overall, a very good shoot interview. DDP has some unique perspectives about a lot of people in the business. He seems to be one of those rare people who doesn't have a negative word to say about anyone, and he is so far out of the business that it feels genuine, rather than feeling like politics. A lot of information the politics and booking of WCW. Learn how Karl Malone got involved with WCW, DDP's thoughts on Hogan, Hall, Nash, Bischoff, Triple H, getting himself over in WCW, his time in WWF, being a manager, the Jersey Triad, and many more topics.
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Re: BRM Reviews RF Video's Shoot Interview with DDP

Post by yourcrapsweak » Jan 9th, '12, 16:52

I'm gonna look into this. Thanks for the review bro.
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