How I became a wrestling fan/A Big Show tribute

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How I became a wrestling fan/A Big Show tribute

Post by NWK2000 » Feb 28th, '18, 18:16

As everyone knows, The Big Show, one of the most enduring names in modern wrestling, up there with guys like Kane and Undertaker in terms of accomplishment and memorability, is letting his contract with WWE expire and will likely retire from active competition all together. Now, I say that because, I always thought I would save this post for the Big Show's eventual retirement, as he is integral to why I became a wrestling fan, and use this story as an opportunity to pay tribute to someone who has been unnecessarily mocked by smart wrestling fans, and for whom tributes may be few and far between.

Let me set the scene for you. Suburban Saint Louis Missouri winter 1998. My family have gone to my aunt's house for some holiday fun. Knowing my cousins have an N64, I immediately go to my cousins' bedroom where the video games are. They and an older cousin are playing WCW vs NWO Revenge on Nintendo 64. Now, being a little kid growing up in a relatively sheltered household, I was always jazzed to play a new video game, especially one where guys in unique, sometimes garish outfits slam each other around and hit one another with weapons. When I am finally allowed to play, I thumb through the character select screen. The guy that catches my eye? None other than The Giant. Standing at 7'11 (kayfabe WCW height remember)
Now, this may sound silly to us as adults, but I didn't know human beings could exceed 6 ft tall at the time , as I'd never met anyone larger.
So, piecing this absurdity together I meekly asked my cousin, "What cartoon is this?"
"Cartoon?" asked my cousin, unclear
"Yeah, what cartoon is this game about?"
"No, these are real people"

You know those moments where you grasp an amazing, fantastical concept fully and completely? That was one of those. I was obsessed with the idea that real people got in a ring and "beat each other up" for a living like the heroes and villains of the cartoons I watched at the time. That was the very beginning of my love for pro wrestling. Now, I wouldn't get cable until 2 years later, and be considered "old enough" to stay up late on the weekends to watch Heat and Velocity until 2003 but that's a whole different story....
I guess what I'm saying is, had the gravitas of The Giant/Big Show not captured my heart and mind in that moment I don't know that I'd be a fan right now. Sure, i fell in love with other aspects of it, and out of love with Big Show from time to time, but I figured for all the crap Big Show's gotten in recent times for constantly switching alignment and being someone who's been around forever, I figured I'd take the time to say this:
Thank you Big Show.

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Re: How I became a wrestling fan/A Big Show tribute

Post by Big Red Machine » Feb 28th, '18, 23:38

Great read, NWK!
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