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Triple H reportedly makes signature creative change

Posted: Aug 5th, '22, 00:19
by Big Red Machine ... ve-change/


August 3, 2022

Triple H has made his first signature change to WWE creative.

PWInsider is reporting that Triple H has loosened up restrictions on WWE talent that pertain to their scripting. The report indicates that the change will allow talent to improvise more within promos and matches. Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus from Friday’s Smackdown was said to have been called in the ring, a tactic available because of Triple H’s change.

Triple H assumed creative control from Vince McMahon after McMahon retired from WWE. He was also named the EVP of Talent Relations.

At the same time, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan were named Co-CEO’s of WWE. McMahon was embroiled in sexual misconduct allegations and hush money payments to WWE employees with whom he allegedly had affairs with.