Alex Reynolds and Fenix injured on Wednesday's AEW Dynamite

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Alex Reynolds and Fenix injured on Wednesday's AEW Dynamite

Post by Big Red Machine » Oct 22nd, '20, 13:03 ... ite-323246

By Josh Nason | @joshnason | Oct 22, 2020 7:41 am

This story was updated at 1 PM Eastern.

Wednesday's AEW Dynamite saw both Alex Reynolds and Ray Fenix get injured during their respective matches.

Reynolds was involved in the four-way tag team main event, teaming with Dark Order partner John Silver against The Young Bucks, The Butcher & The Blade and Private Party.

The injury occured when Reynolds took a big splash/leg drop combo from Private Party and was immediately knocked out, his right arm staying in the air during a pinfall. After he just laid there, Blade eventually dragged him into a corner and tagged himself in. Reynolds continued to lay there unconscious as action happened around him.

After several minutes without any medical attention, he staggered up to his feet and he and Silver took several moves from Nick Jackson but was still clearly out of it. He was eventually pushed out of the ring and not seen again.

On Wednesday's Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez said he heard Reynolds was "feeling great afterward" but there was no further update on his condition.

Earlier in the night, Fenix was hurt during his AEW World title contender tourney match against Penta El Zero M.

The two were battling on the second rope when Fenix jumped up and hit a twisting headscissors on Penta. When Fenix hit the mat, he appeared to land awkwardly on his neck and left shoulder and was slow to recover, awkwardly taking a overhead throw of sorts from Penta afterward.

He could be seen talking to referee Aubrey Edwards throughout this happening and eventually recovered after a few minutes, getting back into the flow of the match and both hitting and taking several big spots.

On WOR, Dave Meltzer said he had no update other than Fenix was said to be "sore". As of this point, he is scheduled to face Kenny Omega in the tourney's second round for next week's show which is expected to be taped Thursday.
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Re: Alex Reynolds and Fenix injured on Wednesday's AEW Dynamite

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Re: Alex Reynolds and Fenix injured on Wednesday's AEW Dynamite

Post by XIV » Oct 25th, '20, 23:06

The fact that Reynolds was so clearly knocked out and AEW didn’t send any medical help is negligent and seriously stupid. Anyone watching that knew he wasn’t right.
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