WWE talent delayed in Saudi Arabia after Crown Jewel

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Re: WWE talent delayed in Saudi Arabia after Crown Jewel

Post by Big Red Machine » Nov 12th, '19, 21:38

cero2k wrote:
Nov 12th, '19, 21:25
KILLdozer wrote:
Nov 12th, '19, 21:19

I mean...I'm NOT watching all of your jcws, and apw, aew, tna, impact, hor, Roh, CCC, AAA, NJAJPW, But after watching so much LU for over a week lately, (3 and 4 in about a week and a half or less), and I've honestly been so uncaring about Raw and SD'S because as the classic fan says "I can't watch a match if I'm just not into the story and characters." ...

Well, much of their shit doesn't have anything or anything worthwhile behind it at all...idc about McIntyre...I could go on. Lana and Lashely is ridiculously bad content, plus where'd her accent go? The most they had going was "awh yeah CROWN JEWEL!", Now it's HAHAHAHAHA survivor series...but everything is still one sided booking as always...
i wouldn't really expect anyone to watch it all except Red, but if you think WWE is meaningless, it's a good time to pick any other promotion to watch instead, just one.
This. I'm seriously considering not watching Survivor Series, and am only going to watch a Raw or SD if the general consensus among Keller/Martin/Meltzer/Alvarez/Powell is that it was watchable.
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Re: WWE talent delayed in Saudi Arabia after Crown Jewel

Post by KILLdozer » Nov 13th, '19, 12:54

Possibly my biggest problem with WWE booking is that they fuck off all of the people I can actually get behind and they JUST WON'T STOP pushing the fuck out of the same people that I'm tired of who need to move from their spots.

I'm tired of Lesnar and wanna see someone else. No they just renewed his continued push with another title.

I'm tired of Charlotte and wanna see someone else. No she just won a 10th title not that long ago and is still in a top spot.

I'm sick and tired of Becky Lynch as champion but they will not move the belt off of her for anyone.

I'm sick to death of new day comedy bullshit but they've also just won another tag title and the rumored split and heel turn? Definitely not.

You know who I'd love to see run everybody down as champion...Strowman...but nawh that just never happened because of the already listed reasons.

Then when they DO try to move someone else forward...it's BARON FUCKIN' CORBIN.

Lashley I could go with but he's gotta get a tweak to his look...no hair and no beard at all just doesn't work well at all lol..plus the voice. Get him a beanie, bandana, sunglasses, a vest and long tights plus like a goatee or something...and shut him up forever...or have him purposely deepen or tweak his speaking voice.
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