Tony Schiavone Heading to AEW

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Tony Schiavone Heading to AEW

Post by cero2k » Aug 19th, '19, 14:34


Tony Schivaone has been locked into a deal by All Elite Wrestling, which headed WWE, who also had interest in Schiavone, off at the pass. As late as Wednesday, WWE was still pursuing a Schiavone deal but we are told he he agreed to terms with AEW this past Thursday.

Schiavone, who is signed to a MLW contract, will continue on with Major League Wrestling, PWInsider has confirmed, so there will be a lot of Schiavone on cable TV in the months ahead.

The AEW deal would bring Schiavone back to TNT, where he was the lead announcer for Monday Nitro.

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Re: Tony Schiavone Heading to AEW

Post by XIV » Aug 21st, '19, 05:34

Shiavone is a busy busy guy as he also does other sporting commentary, so it'll be interesting to see how that's affected going forward.
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