Fenix and Pentagon Jr To NXT Rumors False

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Fenix and Pentagon Jr To NXT Rumors False

Post by Bob-O » Sep 19th, '18, 15:44

Source: pwinsider

As noted in recent weeks here on PWInsider.com, there had been a recent period where Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix had been noncommittal to promoters regarding independent dates in 2019. That, coupled with the fact that World Wrestling Entertainment was interested in the two brothers, led to a lot of speculation on the future of the duo, who have been involved in major storylines and matches in Mexico, The United States and beyond.

So, are they heading to WWE?

The answer to that is no.

PWInsider.com has learned from sources familiar with the duo's deals with Lucha Underground that they are still locked into a contractual non-compete for that series until 2020. If Lucha Underground gets picked up for another season, they would work that fifth season. If it does not, but there is a potential for the series to be picked up before their non-compete ends, they would be locked in and not be able to go and sign with WWE. So, they are not NXT bound.

So, what does the future entail for The Lucha Brothers? Read on.

PWInsider.com has confirmed that over their visit to Mexico City for TV tapings (the first of which will air tomorrow), the brothers, with the help of Konnan, entered into negotiations with Impact Wrestling for a new agreement on dates for next year that would likely see the pair get a raise, which given their push in Impact, is deserved.

Fenix and Pentagon have also committed to a series of dates for Major League Wrestling in 2019, something Court Bauer commented on his Twitter yesterday that he moved "heaven and earth" to make happen. So, they are locked in for MLW.

Outside of the United States, the pair will continues to split dates in Mexico between AAA and CMLL. We are told that one of their goals for next year is to use the CMLL relationship with New Japan to try and get themselves into that promotion as well. Japan is very much a big focus for the duo going forward.

When schedules allow, they will also perform on independent wrestling dates, continuing their regular appearances in places like AAW in Illinois and Northeast Wrestling, among other promotions.

PWInsider can also exclusively confirm that Masked Republic has teamed with the brothers on securing a formal trademark on "The Lucha Brothers" name. A filing from March 2017 has been granted for both "entertainment services" (which would obviously include professional wrestling.) Trademarks on the term for few dozen apparel categories including t-shirts, hats and Halloween costumes were filed in December 2017 and last month, formal registration was completed with the trademarks granted across the board. So, given that the rights to the merchandise for the Fenix and Pentagon names are held elsewhere (which is why you likely won't see Impact or anyone else releasing specific t-shirts for them), the door is obviously open for Masked Republic to hit the ground running and team with the pair on merchandise using the Lucha Brothers name.

Pentagon and Fenix are also going to be a major part of the Luchaverse series of comics books released by Chido Comics in conjunction with Masked Republic. After the release of the excellent, fun Rey Mysterio book, there will be a Lucha Brothers book released shortly, co-written by Marco Lopez (Puerto Rico Strong, Terminal Anthology) and Chido Comics Founder and Publisher Ivan Plaza.

So, while WWE will not be able to hire Fenix and Pentagon in the foreseeable future, they are still also making in-roads when it comes to talent that would mean a great deal to the Latin market. As we noted earlier today, Rey Mysterio has signed a two-year deal with the company, consummating a back and forth that began at the 2018 Royal Rumble in Philadelphia. The company will be holding a talent tryout in Chile. There is also specific interest in other lucha talents, including, as I mentioned a few weeks ago in an Elite audio hotline, 23-year old Bandido, who has been absolutely impressive on major independent events this year, including Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (where William Regal and Brian Kendrick were scouting all weekend) and the Wrestlecon Supershow, where he teamed with Flamita in an amazing bout against Fenix and Pentagon.


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