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NWK Rewatches Wrestling Society X: Episode 1

Post by NWK2000 » Feb 26th, '16, 19:02

Okay, I'll come out with it right now. As a young lad in the mid 2000s, I LOVED Wrestling Society X. Whatever coolade they were selling me, I bought into it, completely and utterly. I was enthralled. But the question is, does it hold up today. Each review will show not only the WSX episode, but the WSXtra (Their web show) that corresponds with it.

Episode 1

The opening intro is clips of wrestlers doing moves on a wall of a dingy. cell-shaded hallway while whoever's view were supposed to be seeing this in moves down it. This is meant to give the viewer that they're going to a secret underground bunker. Taped wrestling show with a fictional setting. WSX did it first

We're introduced to our commentators, Bret Ernst and Kris Kloss, They announce the WSX Rumble, which works like a Royal Rumble until everyone is out, then it works like a ladder match for two contracts. The two guys who pull down the contracts are the two people who will fight for the WSX Title next week.

Matt Sydal w/ Lizzie Valentine vs Jack Evans

In this universe, Lizzie and Matt are college sweethearts, Matt comes out to sounds suspiciously like Maria's WWE theme
-Jack Evans come from one of the elevated platforms in the bunker and does a flipping cartwheel off the next platform and into the floor, it's pretty neat
-Immediate suicide dive by Sydal
- Sydal manages to apply a pretty brutal cross backbreaker move, which Evans only breaks by using the top rope to get off
-Kick combo by Evans, Sydal sells like he just got hit by a car
-False finishes, until Lizzie gets dragged into the ring trying to interfere for Sydal, this allws Evans to use Lizzie's back to jump into a Tornado DDT move which leads to the finish

In the post match, Lizzie and Jack exchange what the commentators tell us is a sexually charged glance, however I don't see it.

-We get a quick video package for the tag teams, which includes a team of gangstas, the Trailer Park Boyz, I Did it for Her (Tyler Black and jimmy Jacobs) and two dudes supposedly from Dragon Gate.

Justin Credible promo: Bad. He's here for the Rumble, but does DX crotch chops at the end of his promo so he looks like a loser
New Jack and Chris Hamrick promo: New Jack threatens to kill Hamrick and shoves him out of frame.
Teddy Hart promo: Bad shouty promo
Aaron Agulera and Kaos: A team of Hispanics that apparently weren't cool enough to be in the video package earlier. Aaron is chatting up a girl on a cell phone, not focused, while Kaos is ready to go.

The commentators are back, to explain the rules I did at the top of the page. What I failed to mention before was that there are things like tables, live electrical wires, and a steel cage wall rigged with explosives outside the ring. No doubt to be used for goofy special effects spots later on.

WSX Rumble

Justin Credible and Teddy Hart start. As they enter the screen freezes and we're given a list of their accomplishments, all of which are incredibly vague (For example, Credible as listed as an '11x ECW and WWF Champ")
-Teddy immediately fucks up a neckbreaker
-Credible and Teddy run spots until #3 Kaos comes in, They immediately double team Kaos
- They do the whole, "miss a double clothesline, gets countered by a double clothesline by one guy" spot. Credible actually bumps, while Teddy only gets clipped by it and decides to Hogan no sell
-Vampiro runs in and cleans house. We get a commercial
- During the commercial break, Puma got immediately eliminated, Alcatraz (Hernandez) is the next entrant, accompanied by Luke Hawx
-6-Pac is out next, the canned heat tells us he's meant to be the top heel in the company, Brent puts over DX (?)
- Chris Hamrick runs out, but he's running away from New Jack, who looks terrifying
- Hamrick saves himself from being eliminated by New Jack and does the, I'm so smart" routine but gets eliminated by New Jack
-New Jack then eliminates himself, throws a poor referee in and hits him with a guitar. The commentary team sells this like New Jack has killed a man on live TV.
-Kaos takes a bunch of finishers and then gets thrown to the apron. He's about to eliminate Alcatraz, but Luke Hawx interferes and backdrops Kaos into the live wires.
-As soon as this happens, New Jack (who wandered off to go kill Hamrick, has splashed Hamrick through a table off of a high place in the arena
-As soon as THAT happens, Alcatraz is eliminated through a table
- The last entrant is Youth Suicide a dude dressed like your generic trash bag wrestler with a fedora on
-He dumps thumb tacks, kicks Credible in the balls, and climbs the ladder, only to get powerbombed by Vampiro onto said tacks
-In the confusion, 6-Pac sneaks up to grab the first contract
-Meanwhile, Youth Suicide climbs up the ladder in a daze to set up a fall from the ladder into the explosives outside of the ring
-Vampiro grabs the second contract and the show abruptly cuts


The Ring announcer and Lacey of "Jimmy loves Lacey" fame are our hosts. They provide exposition of the first episode of WSX which leads to a highlight package.
-Highlights of Jack Evans vs Sydal and confirmation of Pac vs Vampiro for next week
-We get highlight packages for two teams The Filth and the Fury (Hart and Matt Cross) and That 70s Team (The Disco Machine and Joey Ryan)
-Human Tornado and Scorpio sky also get packages, along with the Trailer Park Boyz
-The gangsta tag team I mentioned is called Keepin it Gangsta
- Matt Classic is also shown

Human Tornado vs Puma vs Luke Hawx/center]

We learn Luke Hawx and Tornado will go one on one next week
The singles match wasn't so great, but the main event got the most time, and the triple threat

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