BRM Reviews the 12/18/1995 Nitro

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BRM Reviews the 12/18/1995 Nitro

Post by Big Red Machine » Dec 15th, '14, 13:13

OPENING OF THE SHOW- Eric Bischoff noted that they were “live” tonight about four times in the first thirty seconds of the show. This was because he had a big surprise lined up for tonight, which was…

MADUSA RETURNS TO WCW AND DROPS THE WWF WOMEN’S TITLE BELT IN A TRASH CAN- shocking. As someone who was introduced to wrestling through the WWF, this actually got a lot of heat from me. It felt mean and dirty. She can show up and cut her promo about how WCW is now “where the big girls play” as well and about how WCW is better than WWF, but dropping the title belt in the trash can really felt like it was crossing a line that was just unnecessary.
This moment showed Vince just how low Eric Bischoff and WCW were willing to go, a lesson that Vince would take to heart (no pun intended), which would eventually result in the Montreal Screwjob.

Anyway, right after this big moment for WCW, Mongo complained about wrestlers showing up at the commentary table and getting in the way of the announcers talking, so he got his friend, William “Refrigerator” Perry to stand guard over the announce desk.

During this match Eric Bischoff informed us that the winner of tonight’s WCW World Heavyweight Title match between Randy Savage and the Giant would defend the title against Ric Flair next week on Nitro. This match would take place just two days before Flair faced off against Lex Luger (who just had a title shot two weeks ago) and Sting in a match where the winner will get a WCW World Heavyweight Title match later that night. If Flair and Luger already got title shots and a totally different guy is getting one in between them, what is even the point of this #1 contendership match at Starrcade.

GENE OKERLUND INTERVIEWS RIC FLAIR & ARN ANDERSON- they cut short promos but were then interrupted by Kevin Sullivan. Sullivan put them over, but told them that Pillman was a loose cannon, and warned Arn to keep him on a short leash. Sullivan’s promo was worded brilliantly so that you could just as easily read it within the confines of kayfabe as you could read a lot of shootiness into it. A perfect start to the loose cannon angle (although I guess last week was technically the start of it).

CRAIG “THE PIT BULL” PITTMAN PROMO- remember how they brought Refrigerator Perry in at the beginning of the show so that wrestlers couldn’t just walk up to the announce desk and cut promos whenever they want to? Well less than fifteen minutes later, Pittman did just that. He said that he wanted a manager, and asked Heenan to manage him to the world title. I didn’t hear anything else he said because I was laughing so hard at the idea of Craig “The Pit Bull” Pittman as a world champion.


MEAN GENE INTERVIEWS JIMMY HART & LEX LUGER- Jimmy was himself. Luger was very good.

STING vs. EARL ROBERT EATON (w/Jeeves)- 1/10
Short and almost entirely pointless. I think they just wanted to get Sting on TV and get him a win before Starrcade.


WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: “Macho Man” Randy Savage(c) vs. Giant (w/the Taskmaster & Jimmy Hart)- 5.5/10
They have a decent match with a few spots that really felt like they should have been saved for a bigger match than this. Giant hits Savage with Hogan’s Leg Drop and goes for the pin, but Hogan comes out and attacks him with a chair for the DQ. Hogan then punched the Taskmaster, and hit both the Giant and the referee right in the head with the chair.
Giant and Sullivan both got up, so they each ate another chairshot. Mogno, Fridge, and WCW Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel came down to tell him off, but Hogan hit Perry and Bockwinkel as well. Perry didn’t sell it.

MEAN GENE INTERVIEWS HULK HOGAN- he said he did this because he was pissed that Flair and Giant have both been given title matches despite being on probation just like him, but he hasn’t been awarded one yet. While Hogan does have a point here, taking his frustrations out the way he did was atrociously heelish. Giant came back out screaming, but it took just Kevin Sullivan and one security goof to hold him back. Way to kill the Giant’s mystique.
Hogan, being a terrible babyface, used the fact that Giant was restrained to hit him in the head with a chair when he was pretty much defenseless.
Hogan and Savage then put each other over. Hogan demanded a title shot, so Savage promised to give him one after Starrcade. Savage also implied that there were WCW fans on several other planet in our solar system. Then Hogan cut a promo to build up a match with himself and Savage taking on Mongo and Fridge. Savage then asked Hogan if he could have the chair with Sullivan and Giant’s blood on it so he could sell it and a make a ton of money. I swear I am not making any of this up.

A bad show from WCW.

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