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BRM Reviews the 11/27/1995 Nitro

Post by Big Red Machine » Nov 25th, '14, 21:02

According to Bischoff, there is “no controversy in terms of Randy Savage being the World Heavyweight Champion. However; a lot of controversy between Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage as individuals.” But wasn’t the controversy between them caused by the fact that Savage was declared the winner of the battle royale for the world title even though Hogan had not been properly eliminated? So wouldn’t any controversy between them about this be controversy over whether or not Savage should be the champion?

Mongo announced that his lapdog, Pepe, was wearing leopard-print clothing tonight because Sting and Luger “were ready to eat some raw meat.” Yes. He really said this.

DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE vs. JOHNNY B. BADD (w/the Diamond Doll)- 2.5/10
Johnny let the Diamond Doll fire off his Badd Blaster. That was not a euphemism. DDP brought the Diamond Doll flowers to try to win her back. Immediately after giving them to her, he sucker-punched Johnny B. Badd to start off this match.
Hidden in the flowers that DDP gave to the Diamond Doll was a steel chain. Bobby Heenan, being awesome, tried to claim it was a sterling silver bracelet. DDP wanted her to throw him the chain, but she threw it between his legs so that Jonny B. Badd could get it. Johnny, the babyface, hit DDP with the chain and won the match like a dirty cheater.
After the match, Johnny asked her whether she was trying to throw the chain to him or DPP. The Diamond Doll deflected the question by raising Johnny‘s arm and saying “but you won! That’s the point!” in the most enthusiastic manner possible. She did a fantastic job here.

The announcers hyped up a match between Hulk Hogan and the newest member of the Dungeon of Doom: HUGH MORRIS!

GENE OKERLUND INTERVIEWS KEVIN SULLIVAN AND JIMMY HART- Kevin Sullivan is suspicious of Luger because he is still pals with Sting, and as a result, he is suspicious of Hart. Jimmy gave entirely reasonable response that Sting and Luger are pals who go back a long time, just like Jimmy and Sully are. Jimmy then mentioned that he, Luger, and Sting had plans tonight. Sullivan became more suspicious.

Good action. The babyfaces looked more impressive than they did last night. Hokuto’s Northern Lights Bomb looked absolutely sick. The fact that Sting was getting a US Title shot at Starrcade was just mentioned in passing, as if it wasn’t a big deal or anything.

Hogan bit Hugh Morris in this match. Yes. He bit him. For no reason. Hogan is supposed to be the babyface. Hugh’s flying stuff looked impressive, but he got jobbed out in three minutes in his Nitro debut.

This started out with Mean Gene interviewing Randy Savage. Hogan then came out, and he started off by saying “let me tell you something, brother-friend.” This further fuels my theory that Hogan actually has some sort of OCD where he is compelled to call people “brother,” “dude” or “Jack.” He meant to call Savage “friend” here, but his tragic disorder caused him to instead say the ridiculous “brother-friend” instead.
The issue here is that Hogan didn’t really get eliminated from last night’s battle royale, and the angle that the announcers have been pushing is that this finish has caused some controversy between Hogan and Savage, but they keep insisting that this controversy has nothing to do with the world title. If the controversy has nothing to do with the world title, then why does Hogan care if lost the world title match or not?
So Hogan wants to show Macho the footage, and as he promised last night, Macho gave it a look… and just as they are about to get to the part where the Giant pulls Hogan out underneath the ropes, it goes all static-y. HOLY SH*T! All of those times that Bobby Heenan claimed he didn’t see something because his monitor went out, he might well have been telling the truth! Gorilla Monsoon owes him a whole bunch of apologies.
The Giant attacked them both from behind and gave Macho Man a chokeslam on the concrete floor. Sting came out to save Hogan, and Hogan returned the favor with a steel chair when Giant was about to chokebomb Sting.
For some unexplained reason, there was a referee in the ring this whole time. Also for no explained reason, Hogan elbowed him in the face. Hogan went after Giant with a chair until Sting calmed him down. Bischoff and Heenan speculate that Sting calling Hogan off of his assault on the Giant is related to Sting calling Luger off of his assault on Randy Savage on last night’s PPV.

STING & LEX LUGER vs. THE FOUR HORSEMEN (Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman)- 4.75/10
The announcers teased that Luger might not be here tonight. Then, after about six seconds, he showed up. What was the point of that?
They tried to push the idea that maybe Luger was working with the Horsemen, which we all know couldn’t possibly be true because then there would be five Four Horsemen, and that would be silly. To get this possible heelishness over, during a spot when the Horsemen where double-teaming Sting, Bischoff asked when Luger wasn’t coming in to save Sting, to which Heenan replied “it’s against the rules to just come in like that.” Heenan is by far the best part of Nitro.
The babyfaces won via roll-up, but as this was happening Flair ran down to ringside. He then ran around the ring and pulled Luger down from behind. This sounds good on paper, but there were two problems in the execution. The first was that Luger was facing the entrance ramp as Flair ran down it, so there was no way in hell he couldn’t have seen Flair coming. The second problem was that Flair ran along the side of the ring that was right next to Luger, so that even if Luger had somehow, not seen Flair run down the ramp, there was no way that he didn’t see Flair coming down the side.
The three members of the Four Horsemen beat Luger and Sting down (I guess Benoit was on the john or something) until Hulk Hogan came out and made the save. Hogan then wanted to fight Luger, but Sting stopped him and Luger went to the back. Hogan and Sting had an animated discussion, but then shook hands and hugged it out.

Bischoff promised that we would have an update on Savage’s condition on WCW Saturday Night, as well as a big announcement about Starrcade.
Mongo promised us that buying the replay of World War 3 would be worth our while. Mongo is a liar.

This was a decent episode of Nitro. We got our usual undercard feud match, our “action” match (normally the cruiserweights, but the Joshi match filled that role tonight), and then some boring stuff with the main evneters trying to push the big angles.

1. Mongo- “If it looks like a skunk and smells like a skunk, you are a skunk.” Wouldn’t it be the skunk and not me? After all, it is the one that smells and looks like a skunk whereas I do not.

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