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BRM Reviews the 10/29/2016 ROH

Post by Big Red Machine » Nov 7th, '16, 01:59

DANNY MILES vs. DONOVAN DIJAK (w/Prince Nana & some guys from Dijak’s school)- squash
They always make a point of telling us that these guys they use as jobbers “impressed ROH officials at a recent tryout camp,” and then these guys go on to get destroyed… so doesn’t that bury ROH management for not being able to recognize good talent?
Dijak destroys this guy but the crowd wants him to hit Feast Your Eyes one more time so he does. Then Nana wants him to hit it yet another time, so he does.

He points out that Dijak never quit at All-Star Extravaganza VIII, but says that Dijak losing “will never, ever, ever happen again! Right, Dijak? Right?” Nana did a fantastic job of modulating his voice just right so that it felt like he was criticizing Dijak.

MCMG walked by, hurting after their losses. The Bucks made fun of them so MCMG attacked them and we had a brawl.

BRISCOES PROMO- The promo itself was very good, but the production people here get a huge fail. Mark said that the last time they were in the ring with the Addiction they would have won the tag titles if not for The Addictions “underhanded tactics.” While Mark was speaking, we were shown a video of that match in which the Addiction was doing absolutely nothing wrong. The Young Bucks were in the ring for some reason, but all they did was get clotheslined by Jay.

THE ADDICTION vs. THE BRISCOES- no rating, very odd segment.
The Briscoes come out for their match but The Addiction come out in street clothes and say they are too injured to wrestle. Then Kazarian cuts a fantastic babyface promo, which is was really strange because he is a heel.
The Briscoes said that they didn’t come out here to not fight someone, so they call out the Young Bucks. After a commercial break two members of Bullet Club come out, but instead of the Young Bucks it’s the Young Adams (who are actually younger than the Young Bucks).

THE BRISCOES vs. BULLET CLUB (Adam Cole & Adam Page)- 5/10
They went to a DQ when Cole clobbered the Briscoes with the ROH World Title belt. For once I was relieved to see a DQ because I was certain they were going to beat Page once again. Cole and Page tried to attack the Briscoes with steel chairs but reDRagon came out with chairs of their own and made the save.

MATT TAVEN PROMO- his new Kingdom debuts next week.

JAY LETHAL PROMO- he said he was getting his “rematch” for the world title on 11/20 in London. The problem with this is that he really shouldn’t deserve his rematch anymore because Cole pinned him to retain the title in the four-way at Field of Honor. What this match should be is Lethal getting the title shot he earned by defeating Cole cleanly in a non-title match at Reloaded Tour 2016: Lockport. They could have done this in a way to make a non-televised show matter, but instead they did it in a way that tells people that not one but two of the non-televised shows (even one as big as Field of Honor) don’t matter.
Otherwise, a very good promo.

CAPRICE COLEMAN PROMO- more stupid talk about an “election” and now he was using a funny accident.

The commentary at the beginning of this match pretty much told you that the Cabinet was going to lose here.
The Cabinet do their stupid “kneeling instead of the doing the Code of Honor because look at us we’re so controversial” gimmick, and Caprice claims that if the babyfaces attack them during this they will be DQed. Instead, the babyfaces make a rude gesture at them so the Cabinet gets up and punches them and Kevin Kelly starts acting like this was somehow hypocritical.
We got comedy in this f*cking tournament semi-final, and not only was it comedy, but it culminated in a spot where the babyfaces were cheating so the heels tried to come in the ring to even things up but the referee caught them, distracting the ref so the babyfaces could cheat more. That is the most back-asswards thing ever. Corino and Kevin Kelly then decided to get in on the game with their own un-funny “comedy.”
STOP IT WITH THE F*CKING COMMERCIALS! They must have been at least three commercial breaks doing this match, and that match wasn’t even that long! Also, it really wasn’t ROH main event level quality… so of course Kevin Kelly touted it as a “fantastic” match, and said matches like this were “the reason why ROH is crowning inaugural champions.”

A very underwhelming show from ROH, but at least there were some good promos.

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