BRM Reviews the 9/17/2016 ROH (getting better)

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BRM Reviews the 9/17/2016 ROH (getting better)

Post by Big Red Machine » Sep 22nd, '16, 09:57

STEVE CORINO RETURNS TO COMMENTARY- He’s wearing (almost) all white, because, you know, he’s not evil. It looks terrible.

This combination would have been perfectly fine on a regular show, but is exactly the sort of thing they shouldn’t be wasting their TV time with. I would be willing to make the argument that you want to get the Bullet Club win on TV if they are going to be the top heel group, but that is contradicted by two things ROH has done: 1) The pointless CHAOS victory over Bullet Club on the PPV, and 2) in both that match and this match, Bullet Club’s opponents cheated, which makes Bullet Club look like the babyfaces instead of the heels!
(And if you are trying to get Bullet Club over as heels and The Cabinet over as hypocrites, it seems like you could kill two birds with one and a half stones by having Bullet Club cheat to win here, and then having The Cabinet cut a promo saying that Bullet Club’s cheating is the sort of thing that has no place in wrestling [obviously ignoring their own instances of doing so]).


SHANE TAYLOR PROMO- GREAT! He explains why he and Keith Lee attacked War Machine and cost them the tag titles. The only problem is that we already got a lamer version of this explanation over a month ago from Kevin Kelly. If they had aired this video then instead of having Kevin Kelly tell us out of the blue that this attack was some manner of betrayal of Rowe because he trained Taylor, it would have been great a month ago, and this time here could have been used for matches. Instead we get an explanation THREE MONTHS AFTER THE TURN that has already been hurt by a previously-given, lamer version of this same explanation.
Also, if you compare Taylor’s promo here to Kevin Kelly’s explanation back then, I think this is a FANTASTIC example of why ROH needs to stop having the announcers (especially Kevin Kelly) tell us important storyline things the talent have supposedly said and instead let the talent cut promos to tell us directly. In 99% of cases, Kevin Kelly will not be able to convey the proper emotions as effectively as the talent themselves can, both because of Kelly’s style and because emotions always seem more real coming from the person himself/herself.


ANOTHER SHANE TAYLOR PROMO- also great. Unfortunately, the stupid crowd wouldn’t stop chanting for the f*cking Young Bucks, WHO WEREN’T EVEN IN TOWN. At the risk of coming off like an asshole, I’m adding Vegas to my list of annoying crowds that don’t deserve ROH (especially when attendance is factored in): Right now, it’s Vegas and North Carolina, with Indianapolis soon approaching. You want to bring in the New Japan guys but not fly them too far? Run San Francisco or the Pacific Northwest. Every 500 person crowd they draw in North Carolina could have been doubled by running Atlanta, or could have drawn the same amount of people (or more) but a better crowd by running Ohio.
They called out War Machine, so War Machine came out and Rowe cut a promo that came off like he was trying way too hard to be cool when he should have been angrily. He was too measured, like he was specifically saying things to get a reaction from the crowd instead of telling Taylor how he really felt, with the crowd reaction being kayfabe incidental.

We’re getting Cole & Page vs. Elgin & Tanahashi next week. So Page finally gets his big win over Jay Briscoe… and now he’s going right back to being a jobber.

KEITH LEE & SHANE TAYLOR vs. WAR MACHINE- no rating, good segment.
An escalation of the violence. It seems odd to say, but I’d rather these two teams not face off at All-Star Extravaganza and just keep building until we get a weapons match as a blow-off at Final Battle.
Also, the Vegas crowd has now officially made my sh*t list for chanting “THIS IS AWESOME!” at an intentional DQ because chairshot.
Wait… what? War Machine were the only ones who had used chairs when Sinclair called for the bell, but for some reason Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino were saying this was a double DQ. Well that’s bullsh*t.
This ended with Rowe getting powerbombed onto some chairs, which could be used to keep him out for the PPV and do what I outlined above.

LADDER WAR VIDEO PACKAGE- short and sweet.

MATT TAVEN MAKES AN ANNOUNCEMENT- his new Kingdom will be one of the teams in the Trios Titles Tournament.

KAMAITACHI & THE ADDICTION vs. CHAOS (Roppongi Vice & Kazuchika Okada) (w/Gedo)- 7/10
I don’t think they ever hyped this up once before the entrances started. The match had some good action and the right team went over.

A pretty good show from ROH.

Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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Re: BRM Reviews the 9/17/2016 ROH (getting better)

Post by cero2k » Sep 22nd, '16, 10:39

Big Red Machine wrote: MATT TAVEN MAKES AN ANNOUNCEMENT- his new Kingdom will be one of the teams in the Trios Titles Tournament.
I really hope it's not Shocker and Mr Niebla, but i'm pretty excited if Taven is the 'leader' of this new kingdom

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