A Short and Quick Review of Secres of the Ring with Dusty Rhodes

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A Short and Quick Review of Secres of the Ring with Dusty Rhodes

Post by Big Red Machine » Sep 2nd, '16, 08:18

Don't buy it. It's just Dusty talking about himself while Gabe desperately tries to conduct an interview to get the viewer the advertised booking knowledge. The problem is that Dusty is going to talk about whatever Dusty wants to talk about, and this is Gabe from late 2004 or early 2005, so he's rather tentative around such a huge legend of the business. The big draw here was Dusty's actual booking notebook from 1987, but if you're interested in the "how do bookers keep track of things" more practical side of booking, I'd recommend checking out either of the Kayfabe Commentaries Timeslines with Jim Cornette (WCW 1989 and WWF 1997) or their "Gabe's Book of ROH Secrets" DVD release. Go to the former if you want funny stories as well as the nuts and bolts of booking in a major company, the latter if you're just interested in pure booking knowledge/theory.

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