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BRM Reviews the 8/20/2016 ROH

Post by Big Red Machine » Aug 31st, '16, 16:15

They had a fun match, but Gresham was given WAY more offense than he should have been. Page is a guy you are trying to push. He should be dominating a guy like Gresham, not giving him 45% of the match.

CABINET PROMO- idiotic and obnoxious. And the music playing in the background was sh*t as well. It wasn’t even patriotic-sounding music. It sounded like a cross between elevator music something based off something that was based off of something that was based off of patriotic music.
I can’t believe that the existence of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has managed to make even the ROH product worse.

HYPE FOR NEXT WEEK’S SHOW- good. We’re getting Lee & Taylor vs. War Machine and the Addiction defend the tag titles against the Young Bucks.

BULLET CLUB PROMO- stupid Young Bucks stuff. At least Cole and the Young Bucks finally let Adam Page hang out with them in their promo.

STUKA JR. vs. KAMAITACHI (w/Christopher Daniels)- 5/10
I was quite disappointed by this match for one major reason: they made this big deal about this partnership between ROH and CMLL and they bring in their first CMLL luchador and they put him against the guy in ROH with most experience doing Lucha Libre… and then they don’t do any Lucha for the first ten minutes of the match. I just sat their wondering why they had to bring someone in from Mexico to have a match with Kamaitachi that anyone else on the roster could have had.
They also had a spot where Daniels grabbed Stuka Jr.’s leg right to stop him from hitting El Torpedo on Kamaitachi and the referee caught him, but there was no DQ. Then a few minutes later, they had a ref bump and wound up in the exact same position… except that this time Daniels didn’t even try to interfere. What sense does that make? I also didn’t like the finish very much. We couldn’t even go one f*cking match into this partnership without ripping someone’s mask off? Really?

After the match, Kevin Kelly said “CMLL showed some of the greatest of what CMLL had to offer!”
I sure hope not, because it that’s the best CMLL has to offer, ROH is better off just using random indy geeks.

SULLIVAN/WHITMER/CORINO ANGLE VIDEO PACKAGE- I am at my happiest when I can just forget that this feud is happening.
Now we’ve got Corino saying sh*t like “they told me to summon him!” and Whitmer, with the Kevin Sullivan black X on his forehead, saying “as I ascended to the thirteenth step of the thirteenth pyramid.” The live crowd has sh*t on Sullivan’s involvement at every step so far. So has the internet crowd. So have the professional critics… but don’t worry. Delirious knows best. This angle MUST continue. Nothing else ever gets followed up on (reDRagon STILL haven’t gotten a clean, fair, rematch for the tag titles that they lost almost a year and a half ago), but THIS we must follow up on no matter how much no one wants to see it.

JAY BRISCOE (w/Mark Briscoe) vs. JAY WHITE (w/the Motor City Machine Guns)- 6.75/10
They need to find a more flattering picture of White for their graphics. Maybe a current picture would be a good start?
A TV time-limit draw was definitely the right finish here. Unfortunately the fans all booed it, which I think is a result of Delirious not using time limit draws (which are an excellent booking tool) as often as he should. If you don’t do one in forever, fans will react negatively when they do because they’ll feel cheated because they never considered this to be a possibility going into the match.

A frustrating show from ROH.

1. Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly put Jonathan Gresham over for having “a unique style” that is “all his own.” Of course, they never once even try to describe the style or point out something out in the match that Gresham does that someone else might not do, so it just comes off as empty bullsh*t, which kills credibility. I just do not understand the ROH announcers’ (and particularly Kevin Kelly’s) need to make up stupid sh*t that kills their own credibility. Why is it so hard for them to just say “Jonathan Gresham is a great young wrestler who you might remember from his string of victories over Cedric Alexander earlier this year?”

2. “And now the rookie, Jay White, is pushing the former two-time world champion to the limit.”
Okay… Kevin Kelly needs to just stop using the phrase “pushing/taking [Wrestler X] to the limit.” This match has barely gone ten minutes. I’ve seen Jay Briscoe go A LOT longer than ten minutes so don’t pretend this is something extraordinary that Jay White is doing. If the match goes over thirty minutes then that’s one thig, but that’s not the case right now and never is when Kevin Kelly says it. It’s not as bad him claiming that Lio Rush pushed Jay Lethal to the limit in a twenty minute match less than a year after we saw Lethal go a full sixty against Roderick Strong, but it’s still credibility-killing and extremely frustrating.

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