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Cero Reviews NWA Hard Times

Post by cero2k » Jan 24th, '20, 20:11

NWA Hard Times
January 24, 2020
Atlanta, GA

Full Recap - https://www.f4wonline.com/other-wrestli ... don-302536

We're on! Joe Galli and Stu Bennett doing commentary, they run down the card for tonight.

We are told that the judges for the tournament are Stu Bennet, Billy Corgan, and the ref in the ring.

NWA TV Championship tournament first round match
Trevor Murdoch vs ?The Question Mark? - 4/10
These tournament matches are all contested with a time limit of 6 minutes and 5 seconds, so they all went by really quickly, enough that you either don't build anything, or it's completely one sided in order to build something towards the future round. I hate to give them such a low rating given this situation.

Arguably an upset. Question Mark was undefeated until now, but it did take two Murdoch Bulldogs to keep him down. I thought he had a big chance to make it further since everyone seems to love him. Murdoch is my dark horse tonight.

NWA TV Championship tournament first round match
Dan Maff vs Zicky Dice - 5/10
Maff won, I was surprised since Dice has been making some noise too, but Maff is just a beast out there, he had to win. He destroyed Dice with a Spear mid-air.

NWA TV Championship tournament first round match
Ricky Starks vs Matt Cross - 7/10
Starks hits the Stroke and gets the win. 6 minutes is not enough for these guys, this was soo good, this is one of those high rated matches under 10 minutes. This was all quick spots, but this being the NWA, it wasn't a 'spotfest' or anything. Cross was introduced as representing ROH.

Tim Storm Interview - Dave Marquez interviewed Tim Storm. He asks about bypassing his match due to Anderson not being able to compete. Storm said that he was looking forward to the match, but that he would take the by and win the next round. Tonight, he makes Mama Storm proud.

Stu Bennett made the announcement that the next pay-per-view takes place in April. The 2020 Crockett Cup Returns!

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
Eli Drake & "Cowboy" James Storm vs RNR Express (C) vs The Wild Card w/Kamille & May Valentine - 7/10
Good match, but nothing special. Story was that Gibson was kept at bay by Kamille and Wild Card, so he couldn't tag Morton, nor help Storm that was being worked on. Finish saw Morton hit a destroyer on Issacs, but couldn't make the pin, so Eli Drake came in and hit the Gravy Train on him for the win

Post-match - RNR, Storm, and Drake all embrace in the ring. Drake and Storm head to the podium and talked about fulfilling the promise to get gold.

We got a recap of Allysin Kay vs Melina, Rosa, and Belle, leading to Kay vs Rosa for the title.

NWA Women's Championship
Thunder Rosa vs "AK-47" Allysin Kay (C) - 9/10

This match was soo good, best match up until now and one that will be hard to beat. Rosa came out with full face paint on this time around. Crowd is completely behind her.

They wrestled this like a Japanese match, the pacing, the psychology, the striking. Rosa worked over AK's arm all match, every move she did went for the arm, but AK kept coming back with strikes and big moves, slowly wearing down Rosa, but at the end, Rosa moved from submission to the Thunder Driver for the win.

Post-match - After the match, Melina and Marti Belle came out to celebrate with Thunder Rosa.

We got a video package of Aldis jumping Villain Enterprises at Ring of Honor, and the consequent challenge to tonight's Aldis vs Gordon match.

Marti Scurll Interview - Joe Galli brought out Marti Scurll for an interview. The man is looking dapper as always. Galli asked about supporting Gordon tonight. Scurll said that he wants his shot for the title, but that Aldis keeps running away from him. Scurll said that he'll keep bugging Aldis until he gets his title shot. He brought up that Aldis is not putting the title on the line against Flip Gordon, and said that the people tonight deseved to get a title defense.

Aldis walked out to confront Scurll. Aldis got chants of 'coward'. Aldis said that Scurll had no right to come to his house and throw his weight around. He said that Scurll had no word in the NWA and that ROH was only a hot ticket when he was there headlining. Aldis said that he'll put the title on the line tonight on the condition that if he retains, the ROH and NWA relationship is now on Aldis's terms and that Scurll has to leave for tonight. Scurll agrees to the stipulations.

NWA TV Championship Tournament Semifinal Match
Trevor Murdoch vs Dan Maff - 5/10
This was one sided, but it was perfect. Maff beat the shit out of Murdoch all match, working down Murdoch as the hurt underdog for the finals, but at the end, Murdoch managed to hit the bulldog for the win.

NWA TV Championship Tournament Semifinal Match
Ricky Starks vs Tim Storm - 6.5/10
Another match that needed more than 6 minutes. Storm had a by, so he was fresh and stronger, while Ricky only had his speed. The match was really good for such a short time, it was mostly Ricky trying to build momentum, and Storm dropping him with big moves like the Spinerbuster and an awesome Black Hole Slam. At the end, Starks landed a Crucifix Pin for the upset win.

After the match, Storm gave Starks his hand. Starks hugs him instead.

Scott Steiner vs NWA National Championship Aron Stevens (w/?The Question Mark?) - Squash
Question Mark is wearing the yellow Bruce Lee suit, he looks ridiculous, but worst is Galli thinking this is a Kill Bill reference. Also, are we sure this is Scott Steiner? he shaved his head and looks exactly like Graham.

Steiner just beat the shit of Stevens left and right until he locked in the Recliner and Question Mark interfered for the DQ. This was kinda boring. Steiner locked in the Recliner on Question Mark while Stevens ran away.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match
Nick Aldis (C) vs Flip Gordon - 8/10
This was a great match, but kind of a weird story they told. Gordon was out-wrestling Aldis, he had the speed advantage, the technical advantage, and he came close to winning, but then Aldis just won with a shitty roll up. I don't know if this was supposed to show weaknesses in Aldis as he is being prepared for Scurll. I would imagine the other way around is more productive. Regardless, the action was fantastic.

NEW NWA World’s Television Championship Match
Ricky Starks vs Trevor Murdoch - 8/10
Good match, better than the previous, the wrestling wasn't as good, but the story was far better. This was two guys that went through a one-night tournament, an old dude trying to show he still had it, and the young upcoming kid trying to break out. A total experience/power vs speed/youth match.

Match built around Starks working the hurt arm of Murdoch (which he hurt in the first match), and Murdoch just going through Starks like a bulldozer. Finish saw Starks hit the Stroke for the pin.

Good show, went by quickly. I really appreciated the 6 minute tournament matches. The women took the match of the night trophy in my opinion, definitely the one with the most passion and drama in it.

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