Cero Reviews DEFY 2: Wolves At The Door

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Cero Reviews DEFY 2: Wolves At The Door

Post by cero2k » Jan 18th, '18, 18:36

DEFY 2: Wolves At The Door
April 7, 2017
Historic Washington Hall, Seattle, WA

Steve Migs Intro - He runs over DEFY 1 trying to make it seem a lot better than it actually was. It annoys me that he keeps saying where he works on the radio. Stop trying to get yourself over. Migs did a terrible job telling us about the HUGE TOURNAMENT STARTING TONIGHT!

DEFY 8X Grand Prix Tournament First Round
Mike Santiago vs Darby Allen - 6/10
Santiago came out with Cobb's song, because Cobb (who was supposed to fight Allen), got pushed to the main event as Pentagon Jr couldn't make the show, and Santiago took Cobb's place here. Anyway, match seemed for a moment like it be slightly more technical, but early on Santiago got the upper hand and started kicking Allen's ass for a while, but never able to put him down. Eventually Darby made the expected comeback with his flashy style and scores a roll up win on Santiago. Good opener.

Drexl Interview - He talks shit on Kate Carney and Davey RIchards, he talks shit on DEFY trying to start a women's division, and so he introduces Su Yung, saying she'll take out Angelina Love while he takes out Davey Richards. Ok promo.

La Avispa & Batboy vs Los Sexi Mexis - 3/10
The bad thing about introducing lucha rules in your promotion is that now you're always having lucha guys doing lucha rules and not mixing it up with other wrestlers. La Avispa was announced as the 'only luchadora in the area', if by that they mean that neighborhood, ok, but it's those comments that annoy the fuck out of me because not only does it sound like you're trying to suck your own dick, but if there is even one more luchadora in the area, you're fucked, your commentary becomes delusional bullshit. Same with claiming that Sexi Mexis are the only tag team in the 'Pacific North West' that is undefeated.

Match was mostly Sexi Mexis being misogynist against Avispa and the 'ONLY LUCHADORA IN THE AREA' Avispa bringing the fight to them. This match was really botchy regardless of the pairing, even a top rope dive from Avispa where no one catches her and she went face first on to the floor. At one point too, Avispa was gonna go for another dive on Ave Rex, but her patner straight up pushed her off the top rope and did the dive himself, and I can understand if she fucked up the spot and Batboy was frustrated, but you don't act like doing a heel turn. Finish saw Batboy straight up turn on her now and Sonico put him out. Shit match and even worse the commentary trying to tell me how awesome it was.

Post-match - Batboy and Avispa fight each other. Avispa wins. She hooks up with the Sexi Mexis.

Darby Allen Interview - He's not doing too good right now, he has a huge bruise on his head. This interviewer is annoying as fuck. Ok promo.

Radford vs King Khash - Squash
Really quick match that ended with Khash submitting Radford with a Camel Clutch, Radford passed out and I'm not gonna lie, I didn't you know you could pass out of a Camel Clutch. After the match he gave Radford a Tombstone so the ref reversed the decision. Fuck this shit.

Mike Santiago Interview - Another annoying interview with a ok promo by the wrestlers. He said that Darby Allen was hot.

DEFY 8X Grand Prix Tournament First Round
Lio Rush vs "Swerve' Shane Stricklan - 8.5/10
"He [Lio] had a great career with ROH already" SEE!! THIS IS WHAT I"M FUCKING TALKING ABOUT!! I"M NOT DELUSIONAL, RIGHT!? Commentary also called this tournament one of the most prestigious tournaments, while this is literally the second match in HISTORY under this tournament. Fuck Cody Von Whistler and Matt Farmer. They started fighting and within 4-5 minutes fans started chanting 'Fight Forever', fuck it, i'm muting this show.

The match itself was great, probably the best so far. Fast paced and athletic, all back and forward fighting, none of the shitty Lio Rush no selling, but we did get several near falls kicking out of each other's bigger moves. Finish saw Strickland drop Rush on the apron with a DVD, a diving foot stomp, and a driver later to finally pin Rush. Great match, but commentary makes it soo hard to enjoy.

Los Sexi Mexis Interview - They don't sound Sexi nor Mexi. Interview guy asks if they're going to be the DEFY Tag Team Champions, but....THERE ARE NO FUCKING TITLES IN DEFY YOU MORON! Fuck!

Steve West w/Sage vs Eddie Van Glam - 4/10
Again, why do you debut a tag team, AS A SINGLES MATCH!? AARRGHH, WHO THE FUCK IS BOOKING THIS SHIT!? Not to mention this match has to follow Strickland vs Rush. This was a boring match, the heels kept trynig to cheat and shoot snot at everyone. Eddie Van Glam fought against the odds, did butt stuff, played guitar with West's arm and I decided to pause the show and take a break. Eddie won with a roll up.

After a several hour break...

Shane Strickland Interview - Interviewer is almost asking to kiss Strickland's feet. They really need to make me think that he may not actually win the title. Shane was good. They announced that DEFY 3 is Strickland vs Mundo, interviewer didn't know they had already fought about 3 times before.

Angelina Love vs Su Yung w/Drexl vs Kate Carney - 6.5/10
The graphic made it seem like we were getting a handicap match against Su Yung because putting Drexl in the poster is really important. Su Yung being the only heel of the three obviously meant that most pairings were against her, Love and Carney just took turns on her, and sometimes they would straight up team up on her, so everything I saw Su Yung make a comeback and get some momentum, I was rooting for her. It wasn't until the end that Love and Carney fought each other and it lasted about two clotheslines before Su Yung came in and all three went at it. They did a Tower of Doom that Carney didn't fuck up like last time. Finish saw Love pin Carney after a bicycle kick when Carney was distracted by Drexl. Match was considerably good. Drexl's involvement didn't annoy me since he never got the upper hand over anyone.

Post-match - Drexl feeds Carney into Yung who drops her with a spinning Falcon Arrow looking thing. He mocks her some more. Way to make the whole 'Women's division' about getting one dude over.

King Khash Interview - He says that he should be in the 8X Grand Prix and then follows up saying that he didn't care if he won tonight. So what's the point of being in the tournament if you don't care if you win or lose?

Carl 'The Catch' Cunningham vs Jorel Nelson - 5/10
Catch jumped Jorel during introductions, but the momentum lasted about one minute. Match was fast paced and back and forward, but nothing really to make me want to check out any of these guys again. At one point Catch locked in a Camel Clutch on Nelson, and instead of telling us that the CC just killed a dude earlier today, they completely no sell the Clutch. A minute later Nelson just dropped an elbow for the win. Boring match.

Kate Carney Interview - Interviewer should really learn when not to be excited about the interviews. Carney just got her ass kicked by Love, Yung, and Drexl, she doesn't want to listen to this dweeb.

DEFY 8X Grand Prix Tournament First Round
"Mr. Athletic" Jeff Cobb vs "The Lone Wolf" Davey Richards - 9/10
I wouldn't say Davey was playing heel, but we all know how 'super focused' Davey Richards tends to come off as a dick sometimes. The match was all back and forward, a battle of strength vs speed. Cobb tossed Davey around, who would come back with tons of kicks and strikes, until eventually, Cobb got annoyed of the kicks and stared chopping Richards too. Closer to the middle of the match, Davey Richards started working on Cobb's legs via kicks and submissions, all building up to Cobb not being able to carry Davey (yeah, because he's so heavy) and toss him around with the Tour of the Islands, but when he managed to do it, he always took time to follow up. Finish came as Richards locks in an ankle lock on the injured leg of Cobb and submits the big man.

Great story of Richards chopping down Cobb piece by piece leading up to finally defeating him. Fantastic selling by Cobb that couldn't even run at the end. I didn't think a match would be better than Rush vs Strickland, but this did it.

The wrestling was slightly better this show, but mostly because we got better talent and they were paired together. The show, however, was still incredibly annoying to listen to, I truly want to apologize to Striker and Cole and Saxton for all the hate these last years, but Farmer and Cody Von Whistler are the worst commentary team I've heard in a long time, they really make this GREAT looking promotion look lower indie tier. Booking was slightly better this show too, I had some complains, but it was a slight improvement.

They left out one tournament match for DEFY 3, not sure why not two, or none. Also for DEFY 3, Richards vs Lio Rush, and Swerve vs Mundo.

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