BRM Reviews AAW United We Stand 2017 (AWESOME!)

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BRM Reviews AAW United We Stand 2017 (AWESOME!)

Post by Big Red Machine » Aug 14th, '17, 22:18

AAW United We Stand 2017 (7/15/2017)- Merrionette Park, IL

JOHN MORRISON PROMO- good heel stuff.
He’s supposed to wrestle Chuck Taylor tonight but Taylor is late to the show and JoMo doesn’t want to spend any more time in a terrible place like Chicago than he absolutely must, so he demands that “a local talent” come out here to face him right now. One does, and we get…

Colt was apparently booked in another match but doesn’t like that match so he has come out to answer JoMo’s challenge. I guess Danny Daniels can still force him to wrestle the other match, too. The match was an entertaining and effective opener, getting the crowd hot to start off tonight’s show.

Marty Desorsa tells us that Rey Fenix can’t make it to defend his half of the tag titles due to visa issues, so A.R. Fox has been allowed to pick a new partner to help him defend the belts for tonight. Fox says that since their opponents have been preparing for the high-flying duo of himself and Rey Fenix, he’s going to change the game on them by picking Jeff Cobb as his partner tonight against Scarlet and Graves. And speaking Scarlet(t)s…

It’s actually really bugging me that Scarlett’s name is “Scarlett” and she is no longer a redhead. This is her in-ring debut in AAW. Scarlett proves even worse at the nuto than Sanada, as while he at least takes the chances to hurt his opponent with a dropkick to the butt (even though it would make a lot more sense to just stomp away at the defenseless opponent’s head until you get a win via ref stoppage), Scarlett merely gave Samantha a slap on the ass. Meanwhile, the announcers are talking about how the really want to push women’s wrestling this year. Whoops.
Other than that spot, the match was pretty good. Scarlett seemed to be like she was supposed to be the heel, but between the fact that she is a much bigger name and the fact that her nose got busted pretty early on so she wound up getting some color, the crowd was solidly behind her. Samantha did impress me. She’s pretty much just a generic, competent babyface, except that she occasionally pulls out some sort of Low Ki-esque kicks a few times during the match (including getting the win here via Black Magic).

MARTY DEROSA INTERVIEWS MAT FITCHETT- Fitchett cut a good promo about how much he believes in himself. Davey Vega showed up and they got into an argument, with Fitchett telling Vega he didn’t even want to hear his crap right now.

LUCHA LIBRE RULES MATCH: Paco & Team Eclipse (Stephen Wolf & Trey Miguel) vs. Danny Adams, Curt Stallion, & Jake Something- 6.5/10
This was basically eight minutes of spots, but everything made sense and the kept up a pace that, while fast, allowed you to follow everything and let everything sink in.

All of her talk about how everyone wants and needs women’s wrestling came off as very 2012 to me. Even WWE has accepted that real women’s wresting is something people want to see, so this promo felt very much like preaching to the choir about an issue that has already been solved. Yes, AAW could have more women’s wrestling, but in a world with good women’s wrestling coming out of WWE and NXT and easy access to STARDOM and PROGRESS doing their big women’s thing, plus SHINE and SHIMMER and others still being around, it doesn’t feel imperative to me, as an AAW fan, that if I don’t get to see women’s wrestling in AAW, I will be missing out on women’s wrestling.
Also, her “show you why you should be afraid of heights” catchphrase doesn’t work at all when she says it in such a jovial voice.

MYRON REED vs. ACH- 8/10
An excellent showing for young Myron Reed. He’s definitely got something and it’s not just the flips. ACH showed him an almost out-of-character amount of respect after the match.


WAR MACHINE vs. OI4K (w/JT Davidson)- 7.25/10
This was one hell of a brawl, with an excellent heel finish. War Machine had the match won but Davidson pulled the ref out of the ring. I usually rail against this spot, but the key here is that the ref stayed down as if he had hit his head on the floor, so he didn’t know who did it. From there War Machine got yet another visual pinfall but the ref was still down. Hanson went to take Davidson out and Davidson did such a great job of selling his fear here that I honestly wouldn’t be surprise if he had sh*t himself. Unfortunately Dave Crist saved his ass. Hanson took it to Crist but Davidson got involved again, helping Jake to hit a Doomsday RKO and Jake rolled the referee back into the ring and those bastards stole the win. To make matters even worse, they attacked War Machine after the match, including a low blow. I can’t wait to see these two teams face off again, and even more than that I can’t wait to see War Machine get their hands on Davidson.


This was just spots and antics. I almost lost track of who was one which team at points, and the timing on the finish was off.

As always, Sami’s delivery was great, but I, as a fan, don’t care who the “draw” is. I care who the kayfabe BEST wrestler is.

AAW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: A.R. Fox & Jeff Cobb(c) vs. Scarlet & Graves (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)- 6/10
They did some good flippy stuff and made great use of Cobb’s power. Fox’s plan seemed to be working perfectly… until he accidentally hit Cobb, which caused Cobb to get annoyed with him and eventually turn on him. This whole deal makes me think that Rey Fenix won’t be back any time soon, as not only did they take the tag belts away from him and Fox but they’ve now given Fox something else to concentrate on instead of using his rematch clause (which I’m sure he will use once they can get Rey Fenix back). Good booking for a bad situation.

He’s gone full on dangerous heel, and he’s got no problem ending Eddie Kingston’s career- or even his life- just like Eddie all but dared him to.

Awesome match, and one hell of a showing for Fitchett. Fitchett actually took a large majority of the match, with the story being that he was dominating Riddle and seemed to always be on the verge of picking up the biggest win of his career, but Riddle would always catch him with something and cut him off to the point where it seemed like it was over but Fitchett would kick out or fight out and come back and start to dominate again. Eventually, though, Fitchett was not able to fight out and had to tap to the Bro-mission.

Fitchett’s supposed best friend Davey Vega came out and once again was not very supportive of his attempts at a singles career, pointing out that he once again lost, and taking credit for all of the success Fitchett has had so far, which has come as part of their Besties in the World tag team. Fitchett finally responds to Vega’s provocations by telling him “I love you like a brother… but go f*ck yourself!” and then walking out on him, to the loud approval of the crowd.
Vega insists that he will show Fitchett how it’s done and demands for a top talent to come out and face him. Out comes his archrival Chuck Taylor, so we get…

They shined Chuck Taylor up a bit but Vega cut him off and started working over his head with some vicious stuff. Chuck made a comeback and started to work the head himself, winning with a finishing sequence that included a ton of piledrivers, including one onto the stage. The announcers treated this like a blow-off, and the finish sure made it feel like one.

JEFF COBB & DAVID STARR BACKSTAGE- Marty Derosa tried to interview Cobb about turning on A.R. Fox in the tag title match. David Starr tries to get him to not do Marty’s interview and challenges him to try to be meaner, because that’s the only way he can succeed. Cobb refuses to do Marty’s interview. This was a lot better than I’m making it sound.

I QUIT MATCH: Eddie Kingston vs. David Starr- 8.5/10
Starr stood there and posed for his whole long, almost Corino-like intro. Kingston, when it was his turn to enter, just marched right to the ring and went after Starr. Excellent!
I don’t want to say anything else but this match because pretty much anything I say will take away some of the drama for you but I will say that this was a match that only Eddie Kingston could have.

TREY MIGUEL & STEPHEN WOLF BACKSTAGE PROMO- very good. They’ve got a tag title shot at the next big show. Also, they have a name now: Team Eclipse.

AAW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Sami Callihan(c) (w/JT Davidson) vs. Keith Lee- 8.5/10
Lee dominated Sami with his size and power early on, so Sami smashed his ankle in with a chair (all AAW matches are apparently no count-outs and no DQs).
Sami worked the knee and Lee sold it well, but was occasionally able to fight through the pain and get some offense in. They teased Lee hitting his moonsault or big splash a few times until he finally got to go for it… and missed. Then we got a Canadian Destroyer by Callihan, Lee kicked out at one, but then was immediately put down by a completely unprotected chairshot to the head that is sure to be the single scariest you see all year.



Another AWESOME show from AAW, despite some dips in the middle. I’m not sure if anyone can possibly dethrone Sami Callihan, but if someone does manage to do so, that person will be made for life in AAW.

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