Cero Reviews NWA POWERRR 11.5: Storm vs Cabana

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Cero Reviews NWA POWERRR 11.5: Storm vs Cabana

Post by cero2k » Nov 5th, '19, 22:02

November 5th, 2019
Atlanta, GA

Show opened with the recap of Eli Drake's promo on Tim Storm and the consequent loss that night. I find it funny that every time the mentioned the lineage of the World's Title, they never mention Brent Albright or Kahagas or Rob Conway. At least mention Jax Dane. Anyway...

It also recapped the build up to tonight's Storm vs Cabana match, which I totally thought it was for Into The Fire, so now I can totally see the clear path to Aldis' match there.

Colt Cabana Interview - David Marquez asked about what's going on with Cabana, who just said in words what we saw in the video recap. Cabana said he deserves tonight's main event. Good short promo, he's fired up.

Aron Stevens Interview - No eye contact. Stevens said that Starks won in a fluke because he had ring rust. He announced that he asked the NWA for a rematch with Starks in a match that he didn't even know what it was. He said he is related to Shakespeare and the fans booed Shakespeare. Crowd loves to hate on Aron.

RetroMania Wrestling Commercial - This is an actual video game that we've talked about in this very site. Nick Aldis was in the commercial.

The Dawsons vs Mims and Kingsley - Squash
Mims and Kingsley got a hope spot to start the match, but Kingsley got cut off quickly and killed with some double team moves, except Dawsons wouldn't go for the pin, they wanted to beat down their opponents. Mims tried to make a comeback, but got killed quickly took, he took a really sick looking kick by bald Dawson.

The Dawsons Interview - Dawsons said that they've beaten the No. 1 Contenders to the titles, so they deserve a title shot. They've squashed everyone, so I can't disagree.

Out came Kingston and Cide. Kingston said that they take the loss like men, but if The Dawsons want a title shot, they'll put their title shot on the line just to get their hands on the Dawsons again. Dawsons said they'll 'think about it'. Bunch of wimps.

Tim Storm Interview - Joe Galli conducting, he asked about what's next for Storm, straight up asking about retirement. Storm said that it's been difficult after losing the title. He said that he had no regrets. Galli asked about other titles, but Storm said that having to go for a lesser title was sad to him, he put the titles over, but that he just didn't have it in it. Galli brought up talking to Corgan about changing the stipulation, but Storm said that he accepted the stipulation.

Suddenly, Aldis walked up and pulled Storm aside. Aldis told Storm to not retire and keep fighting because this was his house. He told him not to allow Eli Drake to get in his head. This was really awesome and it made me have contradicting thoughts on who to believe in, Aldis or Drake.

Ashley Vox vs Thunder Rosa - Squash
Thunder Rosa was announced hailing from the Graveyards of Tijuana. Perfect! Aside from some Twisted Sister matches, I really hadn't watched any Rosa matches since Lucha Underground went under, so I was pleasantly surprised how much she has grown and how she now looks more commanding in the ring. The action isn't fancy, but she looks great in the ring now.

This was a dominant debut for Rosa, she tortured Vox from the get go until Vox, wait, there was no comeback, she got some kicks in and Rosa just cut her off and beat her up, pinned her with a Double Footstomp from the top rope.

Post-match - Rosa kept beating on Vox until Marti Belle came for the save. Rosa offered Vox to Belle, but Belle told her to fuck off. What's with the fucking drums?

Marti Belle Interview - Marquez asked about what's going on. Belle said she didn't know Rosa, but she wanted to address Kay instead. Belle said that Kay was her friend and that she was pretty much ignoring her and taking her for granted.

Allysin Kay came out to confront Belle, but Thunder Rosa attacked her from behind and beat her up against the ring post. AK tried to comeback, but Rosa beat her up. Once again, Rosa made an offer to Marti Belle, and this time around, she took it in the form of a kick to AK's face. Cool angle, I now kinda care about Marti Belle.

We got another Mark dude vignette - Don't care unless they show me something new.

2-out-of-3 Falls Match
Ricky Starks vs Aron Stevens - 6.5/10
Stevens tried to jump Starks, but he turned around, rolled up Stevens and picked up the fall in about 3 seconds, what it takes to count the pin. Starks got a second roll up, but Stevens kicked out at two. Second fall lasted a bit more with Starks having the upper hand until Stevens poked his eyes and got control. Stevens worked over Starks for a while until a small comeback where Starks went for a top rope move, but failed, giving Stevens the time to mock him, only to get rolled up again for the second fall. Ok match, the story was to get Starks to pin Stevens twice, but overall this could had been a single fall match.

NWA National Championship Match
Colt Cabana w/Ken Anderson vs "The Cowboy" James Storm (C) w/Eli Drake - 7/10
It's weird, I've been watching these guys wrestle for about 15 years, I've seen them come and go, their highs and lows, it feels so natural to see them wrestle, EXCEPT they had never fought each other one-on-one until 2019 in ROH, and this is the first time I've ever seen them do it.

This was a great match, it made me remember why I used to love both men. Cabana's comedic style didn't look goofy because of the pace and back and forward action they kept throughout the match. The match built up to Storm hitting the Eye of the Storm for a near fall, but in provoked Drake, which provoked Anderson to face off with him. Out of nowhere, Kamille came out and shoved Drake into Anderson, who took him down, but then, Kamille kinda protected Drake from Anderson.

All this distraction allowed Cabana to get the better of Storm and pin him with the Superman Pin to regain the championship. Storm took the loss, but had some words for both Cabana and Anderson. Awesome match, but a terrible finish. It was just weird and we're not getting answers until next week, hopefully next week.

The Dawsons walked out and said that they've decided to take the offer from Kingston and Cide after all and call them out. Impromptu match I guess.

NWA World Tag Team Championship No. 1 Contendership Match
The Dawsons vs Outlaw Inc. (C) - 6.5/10
This started as a brawl, but while the ref tried to get control of the match, it allowed The Dawsons to double team Kingston and cut him off. Dawsons worked on Kingston until the Cide hot tag. Wild Card came out only to get taken out, and yes, obviously, interfere in the match again, but then out of nowhere, The Rock n Roll Express of all people attacked The Wild Card and run them off, allowing the match to continue.

Dawsons failed to take out Cide with their double team finish. Backfist to the Future and the Gringo Cutter on bald Dawson and Cide picks up the win. As best as they could with limited time and having to follow the National Title match.

Post-match - RnRE put over Kingston and Cide.

Fun show, particularly good inside the ring. They still haven't given us NOTHING for Into the Fire, but I can take it we get AK-47 vs Marti Belle, Aldis vs Storm, Cabana vs Drake, Wild Card vs Outlaw Inc? I don't know, they really need to give us something concrete soon.

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